These Beautiful Siberian Cats Have Taken Over Their Humans' Farm

Cats love farms because they have lots of food (and rodents) for them to snack on, and farmers love cats because they help keep the farm rodent free.

But having too many cats on your farm seems like a bad idea, what with all of those plump chickens strutting around.

So how do Russian farmer Alla Lebedeva and her husband Sergey raise those big and beautiful Siberian cats and keep her farm animals from becoming a feline buffet?

Alla says the Siberian cats actually protect her animals from rodents:

"How many do we have now? To such a question I usually answer 'a million, maybe more,'" Lebedeva tells DesignYouTrust. "They live in the henhouse... They have three ‘little bedrooms’ there where can they sleep according to how they feel. Our cats protect the chickens and rabbits from rats and mice."

By the look of them there must be quite a few rats raiding her farm- because these cats look like they have a healthy appetite for fresh meat.

These little lions are often mistaken for Norwegian Forest cats, but Alla wants everyone to know that her Siberian cats are a different species, which she and her husband have been raising for over a decade on the farm they call "Catland":

(YouTube Link)

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