Enjoy Cottage Living On The Lake With This Cozy 2-Story Houseboat

If you're going to give up your home on the range for a life at sea you might as well make sure your floating accommodations are just as comfortable and homey as your dirt-bound home.

And if you enjoy living in a cottage-style home then you'll love this charming 2-story houseboat rented out at Lee Ford's Marina on Lake Cumberland in Nancy, Kentucky.

It's got five bedrooms, a private deck for entertaining outside, two full bathrooms, a full kitchen and a nice living room for entertaining.

The Harbor Cottage Houseboat is nicer than any apartment I've ever lived in, and even though this model is staying on Lake Cumberland for the foreseeable future the folks at Lee's Ford Marina would be happy to build you the floating home of your dreams.

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Living in Southern California, one might think it's paradise... but things have been changing over the last bunch of years. I, along with many others, have given thought to moving but the way things are, it's impossible to try and figure out where to move to. Everyone is afraid that they will go thru all the work and EXPENSE of moving, only to find the area they move to becomes like the place they left in a few years.
A house on a boat would seem like a wonderful answer for many... just move everything when the mood hits. I love it!
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Just for accuracy's sake that's not a houseboat, it's a floating home. A houseboat is a boat that sails like a regular boat and you can move easily. A floating home is more permanent and is what it says, a floating home. These are really common around the Pacific Northwest, and this is just a pretty normal one, there are some amazing ones out there. (I lived in one for a while, my parents live in one now, as well as my best friends parents.) http://www.oregonlive.com/hg/index.ssf/2015/06/floating_house_perks_pitfalls.html
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Thanks Benfett!

So... if wanted, does this float freely or is it attached and docked permanently? I had assumed that it was able to float or be driven by motor around a lake or downstream much like a regular 'houseboat' that one can rent does.
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