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Things You Should Never Say To Your Server

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Everybody enjoys going out to eat at a restaurant every once in a while, and we all know we're expected to tip our servers at the end of the meal, but beyond that people seem to be a bit clueless about proper restaurant etiquette.

Some customers think it's okay to call their server "honey" or "baby", find it acceptable to whistle or snap at a server whenever they need something, and don't mind showing up ten minutes before closing and demanding a table.

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And then there are those trashy troublemakers who complain at the top of their lungs about the total when the check comes, as if the prices weren't printed on the menu they ordered their meal from.

It's time to teach these boorish customers how to act when they go out to eat, so they'll stop making a server's job harder than it already is!

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I'm with them on the servers have nothing to do with the prices. If you're going to a nice place expect to see corresponding prices.
I would never bitch about prices, I'll just end up with a burger and fries or "I'm not too hungry, I'll just snack on this starter."
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Despite having worked at a restaurant, I disagree with nearly everything on that list and think they would be fine. Of course you can say things on the list with a bad attitude, but you can also be polite or at least reasonable with nearly everything on the list too.
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"3. "Can I have a hot tea?"
It sounds simple but really it takes forever to pull together. Especially when there's a basket of brews to choose from, a mug and saucer to balance, and a piping hot mini kettle to juggle along with it. Worst yet is when you honey and lemon with it."

Seriously? I shouldn't have hot tea because it takes work to make? I should drink something I don't want to make sure the person I'm paying to get me drinks and food has to work?

"8. "Susie, tell her what you want."
Sorry, but we don't have all day to wait around while your 4-year-old mumbles, whispers, and gets distracted by her coloring page menu while trying to order her chocolate chip pancakes "like a big girl." Just tell us what she wants so we can get it right and be on our way."

Yes, you do have the time. Because I am paying for it, and because my daughter needs to learn how to deal with adults, how to treat servers with respect, and how to act in public. The parents who make the kids order their own food are the ones who don't let them crawl all over the place, screech and scream, and act out. I am with you that a three minute wait for the kid to mumble it too much, but saying not to do it? If you can't take the extra 60 seconds to let a kid order for him or herself, get out of the service industry.
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