How Drunk Is Too Drunk On A Plane?

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People who have a fear of flying like to tie one on before getting on a plane, then they tie a few more on during the flight and stay drunk enough to ignore the fact they're soaring through the air in a giant metal tube.

But once the booze starts coursing through your veins it can be hard to remember you're flying with a bunch of people who don't want to be stuck on a plane with a sloppy drunk.

Ill-mannered drunks won't give a crap about the other passengers, but well-mannered people who need a few drinks to get through a flight will wonder- how drunk is too drunk on a plane?

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Emily Post's great-great granddaughter Lizzie Post, creator of The Awesome Etiquette Podcast, has this to say about drinking on a plane:

“You absolutely can [drink]! I know of a number of people who can’t get through flights without being personally wasted. This is a thing for people. When it comes to the etiquette of it, no matter your fear of flying, it’s good to be aware of the people around you. Anytime alcohol is involved it’s really important to know your limits and pay attention to them. In the air, especially, you’re very close to someone…who can’t get away from you. And they have very limited options if you over-drink.

You have limited options if you get hammered on a flight, or get sick. How many times have you heard a friend who’s really drunk say, “I just need to lie down.” You can’t do that on a plane. You’re stuck in a seat; you don’t have the creature comforts of home. If you do happen to vomit, it’s really unpleasant for the people around you; it’s a really tough thing. Know your limits; know what you need. If there are other tactics you can use to calm yourself down, seek them out; alcohol can be a fickle friend.”

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