Massive Movie Franchises (And How To Actually Watch Them)

It can be hard for people to admit to their movie loving friends that they've never seen any of the movies in classic franchises like A Nightmare On Elm Street or Planet of the Apes because they think their friends will make fun.

So rather than dealing with any ribbing they skip these movie franchises altogether, which is a shame since these films are really fun to watch and referenced in pop culture so often it's crazy.

But what your flick lovin' friends don't know won't hurt them, so consult this guide to 6 Massive Movie Franchises (And How To Actually Watch Them) by Cracked's Daniel Dockery and see what all the fuss is about.

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For A Nightmare On Elm Street Daniel rightly suggests watching Freddy's Nightmares Episode 1 to get Freddy's backstory, then watching the first Nightmare film followed by the third film Dream Warriors.

As for Planet Of The Apes Daniel says the first installment is the only required viewing, but I love all the films and feel like Conquest Of The Planet Of The Apes is eerily relevant again with all the madness in the world today.

Read more at Cracked (NSFW language)

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