Reasons Why Crispin Glover Is The Weirdest And Most Interesting Man In Hollywood

You're either a Crispin Glover fan, a Crispin hater or you hear his name and say "who? Oh, that guy who was Marty's dad George McFly in Back To The Future?", because he's a polarizing figure in Hollywood to those who know his name.

I'm forever a fan, and his on-screen shift from nerdy square guy to dark and troubled dude has been very fun to watch, and don't get me started on his performance as Mr. World on American Gods or we'll be here all night!

Crispin often appears in mainstream movies and TV shows to raise money to make his own movies such as What Is It? and It Is Fine, Everything Is Fine!, because he's more interested in the art of filmmaking than being a mere actor.

And yet the wonderfully crazed Crispin Hellion Glover (actual middle name) we know and love is a persona of sorts, a madcap mask that belies his brilliance:

Glover commented on it during his Nerdist interview with Chris Hardwick, saying, "I understand that that entity, which I have something to do with, is an external entity, but other people have things to do with it too. So obviously other people are going to say other things and they're commenting on that element that has something to do with me but isn't me. If it was really about me, if I somehow genuinely, totally identified as that external element, I guess I'd be upset."

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