Women Describe the Worst Case of Mansplaining They Have Been Subject To

Some men still deny that mansplaining is a real thing or that even if it does exist, that it's a problem, but those men obviously have never had someone assume they were completely ignorant on a subject based solely on their gender.

For those still unconvinced that mansplaining is real, Twitter user @NicholeFroio asked other women to post the most obvious thing that was ever mansplained to them and the results are beyond depressing.

There's a great round up of the responses on Buzzfeed and things men felt they had to explain to women include a man telling a woman her name was spelled wrong, multiple men telling women they didn't know the basics of the thing the woman had an advanced degree in, and men telling women how female bodies work. 

So check out more of the responses here

I get "mansplained" by gf all the time. She knows everything better than me even stuff I have done for decades and she barely read about. It really makes me rage. I don't do that. Is this really a gender thing or just pigeon holing?
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The paramedic may have been just trying (perhaps poorly) to calm the woman so they could get her to the hospital and have her give birth in a more controlled environment.
I'm trying to give a benefit of doubt here. It's possible he was full of it as well.
Or maybe he didn't want to have to clean out a bunch of after-birth from the back of his vehicle.
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