Engadget Tore Open One Of Those Collectible Guardians Of The Galaxy Doritos Bags

The Doritos Guardians Of The Galaxy Awesome Mix Vol. 2 promotional MP3 bag came out and people paid $30 a pop to get their hands on this collectible gimmick and brag about it online.

But Engadget wasn't very respectful with the bag they bought- because they immediately tore it apart to see what was inside.

Here's what they found:

Getting the music files out of the bag is a bit of a chore, and tearing it apart to get at the electronics doesn't yield much of a reward -- the Doritos MP3 player is little more than a cheap, exposed circuit board sandwiched between two pieces of foam. Without the snack bag, its buttons are too tall and awkward, the audio port is exposed and flimsy and it has no visible user interface to speak of. It's not even worth pillaging for the player's microSD card, which holds a paltry 256MB of data. Looks like we destroyed the eBay value of this season's most ridiculous collector's item for nothing.

-Via Engadget

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"Engadget Tore Open One Of Those Collectible Guardians Of The Galaxy Doritos Bags"

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