Vince Gilligan Explains That Unsliced Roof Pizza In Breaking Bad

Fans have been arguing about the meaning behind the scene in Breaking Bad where Walt throws a whole, unsliced pizza onto his roof since the show started, thinking there's some hidden symbolism behind the act.

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But show creator Vince Gilligan recently explained the significance of this scene during a Reddit AMA, and it turns out the arguments were all for naught- because the pizza was kept whole simply for the sake of throwability.

one fan asked, "Was Badger and Skinny Pete's conversation at Jesse's party about the pizzas not being sliced written in after the fact to explain how Walters pizza landed on the roof intact? Everyone knows a sliced pizza would have come apart."

As creator Vince Gilligan says of the unsliced pizza, it had to do with continuity and physics:

Yes! We had a long discussion before we shot the pizza on the roof scene about whether or not the pizza should be sliced—because, as all you physicists know, a thrown, sliced pizza would come apart due to centrifugal force or angular momentum (or something like that). And yet, you're right: no self-respecting pizza parlor sells an unsliced pizza. So we figured we needed to explain it (in the "They pass the savings on to you" scene), or else face our audience's righteous wrath!

-Via Esquire

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