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Why It Would Suck To Date An Anime Girl

Many Otakus think anime girls would make great girlfriends, because they're powerful and beautiful, with plenty of magical charm and cute little voices that can make a raging bull stop and smile.

But if these anime girls existed in the real world they would be virtually undateable, and any Otaku who made a play for them would instantly regret their decision.

Jealous boyfriends would rage when they're forced to watch as their anime GF falls on top of their male "friends" in suggestive ways over and over again, because that's how clumsiness is portrayed in anime.

The new BF would also have to deal with the brooding and sinister ex, who still somehow has a hold on that seemingly innocent little anime girl despite having tried to once tried to kill her.

But, as this comic by JHALL shows, the worst part about dating an anime girl would be the quest to find something to talk about, because they might be kick-ass warriors but they definitely aren't known for their conversational skills.

-Via Dorkly

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They had me at "Martial arts sex comedy". For a pimply-faced teenager, it was an anime I can't resist. From girl-type Ranma who doesn't care if she's topless while walking about, to Shampoo throwing her naked self to her her betrothed, we have fan service aplenty. I wish they had more Nabiki fanservice aside from the DoCo MVs.

And since the premise is so weird, they even had an opening narration before each episode early in the series. (When Ranma is splashed with cold water, he becomes a she.)
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Ranma will always have a special place for me. I remember being in Hastings and reading the notes on the cover for the first time.
"Wait . . . are there two people named Ranma, and one is a girl?"
"Cold water? Hot water? What? What?"
"'Martial arts sex comedy?' What does that even mean?"
Naturally, I had to rent it.
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The anime girl trope I hate the most, and can't stand, is the crybaby type. Absolutely no redeeming value, I can't stand them. From Nagisa from Iczer One to Shima in Stellvia of the Universe, they are all emotional cripples. I'd take a tsundere over a crybaby any day.
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Tsunderes are fun to watch if done right (<3 Eri Sawachika). They are, in essence, a variation on the theme of The Taming of the Shrew. It should be about the taming, not the shrew. When Eri Sawachika was "tamed" by Harry McKenzie (the umbrella scene), my heart skipped a beat.
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