11 Spooky and Totally Tasty Halloween Cocktails

Halloween may be on a Monday this year, but that doesn't mean you can't have a Halloween party on the weekend or even enjoy a few fun cocktails the night of. If you're looking to celebrate with a little buzz this year, but want to make sure your drinks suit the mood, here are some fun cocktail recipes perfect for the spookiest day of the year.

1. Candy Corn Cocktail

Candy corn is a highly polarizing creation with some diehard fans and a lot of outspoken enemies. You don't have to like the candy to appreciate this delightfully layered cocktail though since they incorporate the fantastic flavors of whipped crime vodka, sour mix, pineapple juice, grenadine and fresh whipped cream.

2. Black Heart Cider

No, this recipe doesn't actually involve making your own hard cider from scratch as that would take months -it does, however, contain cherry cider -hence the name. With black vodka, cherry cider, muddled blackberries and sparkling wine, this pitch-black cocktail is surprisingly light and fruity as well as creepy-looking.

3. Witch's Brew

Pretty much no foods are blue in their natural state. That's why our bodies are programmed to not want to eat blue things. Of course -we make exceptions for blue raspberry and I think I could make a big exception for this cool witch's brew cocktail that looks spooky but sounds heavenly. Combining vodka, triple sec, lime juice and blue curacao, this would be one witch's potion you many people would be glad to slurp down.

4. Creature From the Black Lagoon

This strong drink will bring out your inner monster with not only cachaca (a South American liquor like rum but made with sugar cane rather than molasses), Midori and coconut rum, but also with a shot of dark rum settled in a lime rind left floating on the top. The drink not only looks appropriate for a cocktail inspired by The Creature From the Black Lagoon, but it also was intentionally inspired by traditional Brazilian cocktails since that's where the film is set.

5. The Blackbeard

There's something inherently creepy about a pitch-black beverage no matter what time of year. While the Blackbeard may look scary though, it's surprisingly sweet and charming -combining rum, fernet, creme de cacao and chocolate stout. The secret to the perfect black color is a few drops of squid ink, which add a tiny bit of salty flavor and a whole lot of black shade.

6. Vampire Kiss

Sure, it's easy to find a recipe for a bright red cocktail, but what really sets the appearance of this vampire's kiss above and beyond is the blood-rimmed glass it is served in. This recipe describes how to make your drippy blood syrup for the outside of the glass and how to combine vodka, Chambord, cranberry juice and a splash of lime to make the delicious cocktail on the inside.

7. Pumpkin Spice Margarita

I know, this time of year results in pumpkin spice everything, but the fact is that pumpkin pie is delicious and pumpkin spice is a great way to bring that flavor into any number of food and drinks. Unlike many pumpkin spice drinks, this one actually contains real pumpkin, so at least you can sip on something more authentic than just cinnamon, ginger and clove flavors.

8. Pumpkin Punch

If you want pumpkin drink that's a little more fruity and light, this pumpkin punch blends rum, orange juice, lemon juice, spiced syrup, pumpkin puree and sparkling water for a refreshing drink that still tastes distinctively fall-like. Be sure to serve it in a pumpkin for a fun Halloween presentation.

9. Horny Devils Cocktail

Yes, this is essentially a bloody Mary, but with black vodka, careful layering and two serrano pepper garnishes, this devilish cocktail is just right for any Halloween party.

10. Bloody Brain Shooters

Bailey's and other cream-based liquors have a habit of not mixing in with spirits when first poured. While that can be kind of gross in most cases, it actually makes for a perfect shot during Halloween, when carefully pouring strawberry vodka, lime juice, Bailey's and a few drops of grenadine together will leave you with these brain-like shots that are as nasty-looking as they are tasty.

11. Hocus Pocus Fizz

Named after the classic 90's Halloween film, this spooky-looking drink is surprisingly tropical, combining pineapple juice, rum, coconut extract and sparkling white wine. A few drops of food coloring can help make the drink your festive orange color and a few more drops added to some sugar can help you make these lovely sugar-rims on your glass too.

If you want a few ideas on how to make your favorite existing cocktail a little more spooky, remember that lychees stuffed with blueberries can make creepy eyeball garnishes, that food coloring can make any drink a creepy color, that serving shots in syringes or test tubes adds an extra level of thrill to the experience, and that adding a little dry ice to any cocktail will result in a spooky fog sure to enhance the ambience of your party.

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