Cosplayers Who Look Exactly Like The Characters They're Portraying

(Image via Sol_Getnews)

For some, cosplay is all about becoming the character they're portraying through costume and attitude. But a select segment of the cosplay community tries to create perfectly accurate interpretations of the source material.

These amazingly accurate cosplayers are sticklers for detail and strive for realism, and the end result is a cosplay dream come true!

Whether they're trying to bring the character to life in a realistic way, like this Piper from Fallout 4 cosplay by ladylorethia.

(Image Link)

Or they're trying to preserve the look of the source material, like this Foxy from Five Nights At Freddy's cosply by Cryptic-Enigma

An amazingly accurate cosplayer makes a big impression on Con attendees, like this M. Bison cosplay by THE SMOKE

Leaving them haunted by the encounter (Mystique cosplay by Yukilefay)

Sometimes a cosplayer starts dressing like a character because they already looked just like them, such as this Kaylee from Firefly cosplay by AskKayleeFrye

While other cosplayers dream of bringing the character to life no matter how difficult or ridiculous, like this cosplay of William Birkin's second mutated form from Resident Evil 2 by Gai

(Image Link)

Cosplayers may also decide to create a totally accurate costume because they love the look of a piece of artwork, like this Snow White The Warrior Of Seven Arrows cosplay by highwind3d, based on a drawing by sadyna

But whatever the reason for going full accuracy with their cosplay it's really fun to see those characters come to life on the con floor (Balrog from Street Fighter cosplay by Reggie B.)

They make us feel like we're actually hanging out with our favorite pop culture characters (Nightcrawler cosplay by LostBoy Cosplay)

And whether the incredibly accurate cosplay is fun or frightening it always makes a big impression (Decapre cosplay by Masubi)

Amazingly accurate cosplayers take gender bending to a whole new level of cool  (TinTin cosplay by Lil Prince Costumes)

(Image Link)

And they're good at bringing weird characters to life too (Dhalsim from Street Fighter by Grunbeld Cosplay)

They also make it look easy to bring a cartoon character to life in the real world (Buzz Lightyear cosplay by Thomas Sergneri)

Or what about that weird puppet guy from your favorite Jim Henson movie? Eerily accurate Hoggle from Labyrinth to the rescue (cosplay by Ryan Wells)

Of course, it's nice to see an accurate cosplay based on a living human TV character too (Xena cosplay by thewarriorprincess)

Because you can't go wrong when you go amazingly accurate with your cosplay (Cassie Cage from Mortal Kombat by Narga-Lifestream

Even if you're portraying a villain (Waluigi cosplay by brother of Twinzik cosplay)

Because cosplayers go for hardcore accurate in order to make an impact on people (Deathstroke cosplay by unknown cosplayer, image via Imgur user bulenthasen)

And once you see them in their costume they'll haunt your dreams as the world falls down (Jareth cosplay by Massimiliano Poggi, photo by Alessandro Casini Photography)

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