In the past, you may have known Trumpkin as a character in The Chronicles of Narnia. It’s lately come to be a term for Trump supporters. But this is Halloween season, so get ready to see plenty of Trumpkins, meaning pumpkins carved to resemble Donald Trump. Yan from Geeks Are Sexy saw the Trumpkin above at the Montreal Botanical Garden yesterday. Here’s another view of it from Redheadwithoutacause.

It’s not the only one. Redditor xMeta4x posted this one.

The idea is not all that new. This one was carved by shazkitten a year ago.

Here’s one, posted by shinecone, that won a ribbon at the Oklahoma State Fair last year.

Redditor anamazingman just finished carving his a couple of days ago.

InnuendoPanda entered the office pumpkin contest, which banned carving, but allowed painting. This is his contribution.

Ohio artist Jeanette Paras used a supersized pumpkin for her Trumpkin creation last year.

(Image credit: Paras Pumpkins)

Artist John Kettman did this one last year.

(Image credit: Damon Dahlen/Huffington Post)

Professional pumpkin carver Hugh McMahon has directions for making your own Trumpkin.

See more Trumpkins in a Neatorama post from last year.

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