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Parodies That Succeeded Because Nobody Got The Joke

Parodies are a pop culture staple, because they're a fun way for artists and creators to tip their hat to (or make fun of) other artists and creators in a way that ensures viewers are in on the joke too.

But sometimes people completely miss the reference, or just don't see it as scathing like the parodist intended, and every once in a while the parody is just so well done it takes on a life of its own.

Chuck Jones tried his hand at parody when he created Wil E. Coyote and the Roadrunner, predator and prey locked in an over-the-top battle that was supposed to make fun of Tom & Jerry.

Unfortunately for Chuck his characters were just too darn likeable, and while he was going for a "see how stupid chase cartoons are?" vibe audiences saw it as a new take on the trope and ate it up.

Ironically, Chuck would later go on to create some of the most popular Tom & Jerry cartoons of all time, and people are still unaware that Wil E. and the Roadrunner are meant to be a parody.

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