Getting High

In 1999, a horrified mother took this picture of her daughter just before telling her to come down. The redditor with a NSFW name posted it and explained what kind of childhood she led.

The trick we came up with was to spit on our hands and feet and rub it in so they were kind of sticky (gross, I know). I basically just shimmied up like a bear cub. I remember having to take a pretty long breather about halfway up. Childhood is a hell of a drug.

Haha she had the camera in one hand and the phone in the other, ready to call for help if I fell. She said she didn't want to yell or panic because she thought it would scare me and I would fall. So she acted supportive then asked me nicely to come down and when I did I got a stern talking to about safety.

My mom got many a call from the neighbors saying, "do you know where your daughter is?" and she would say, "probably very high up in a tree. Call me back if she falls."

Yeah, as a girl wanting to be tough like the boys in my neighborhood I wound up getting hurt pretty often. I once climbed onto the cross beam of a playground swing set and thanks to a group of kids chanting "jump jump jump," I did, landed on my butt, kneed myself in the mouth, and broke 4 of my bottom front teeth. Many a bad choice was made.

-via reddit

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"Getting High"

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