Some Of The Strangest Souvenirs Sold At Disney Parks

The world was a very different place when Disneyland first opened the gates to the Magic Kingdom back in 1955, and as a new legion of fans discovered their love of theme parks Disney found a new market for selling souvenirs.

But some of the souvenirs they sold back in the good old days were quite bizarre compared to the inoffensive, and fully branded, trinkets they sell today.

Souvenir shopping started on Main Street, where Pop could head to the Tobacconist and buy a hand carved Disneyland pipe and a tin of Disneyland Special Blend pipe tobacco.

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But pipes and pipe tobacco are only seen as strange by anti-pipe smoking killjoys, so where's the really strange stuff they used to sell? Well, is buying a bra at Disneyland strange enough for ya?

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At Hollywood-Maxwell's Intimate Apparel Shop you could meet the Wonderful Wizard Of Bras, who would walk (dance?) visitors through the history of lingerie, then ladies could purchase a brand new Disney bra to call their own.

But bras are totally tasteful souvenirs when compared to one gross treat recently sold at Walt Disney World's Animal Kingdom that bombed big time- sugary sweets shaped like animal poop.

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Guests could chomp down on desserts shaped like elephant, giraffe, tamarin or hippo dung, and needless to say these "treats" did not go over well with guests so they were pulled after only two weeks.

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I am wholeheartedly against tobacco, but I saw nothing against this line. Rather, I took it as a little ironic. If it was serious, then he's s fool, but a fool is still entitled to his opinion.
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'The whole point is understanding that smoking tobacco causes people to die a painful death does not make someone a "killjoy".'

Nope, but overreacting to a single line over a vice that some people yet enjoy certainly does.

Edit: Bah, I thought I replied above.
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People in modern times have very sound reasons for being against tobacco. It's not just arbitrarily spoiling the fun. The whole point is understanding that smoking tobacco causes people to die a painful death does not make someone a "killjoy". That was pretty stupid wording. He should have written the post a little better.
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Mitch, it sounds like you are still grieving. May I suggest going to a support group rather than taking it out on a man who wrote a throwaway line in a post that was meant to be fun and interesting?

As humans, our vices are many. There are killjoys for drinking alcohol, eating sweets, watching TV, sex, and so much more. While knowledge certainly is a wonderful thing, can't we just sit back and enjoy something (including a Neatorama post) while we meander through this thing called "life"?
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