14 Things You May Not Know About Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay, aside from crafting his take on haute cuisine, has also carved for himself an image that's more rough and tumble than most celebrity chefs. If you think he's the chef that's most likely to cuss you out in any given scenario, you're likely right.

But that way of living has apparently kept him on the receiving end of some rough surprises himself. The linked listing of fourteen different facts about Gordon Ramsay spills at least one, such as the time he was threatened at gunpoint during a shoot:

5. He Was Once Threatened at Gunpoint While Filming.
While working on The Big Fish Fight in Costa Rica, Ramsay and his crew devoted an episode to investigating fishermen who were illegally killing and selling sharks to make shark fin soup. The crew climbed aboard a fishing boat, only for Ramsay to find a sack of shark fins hidden under the ship's hull while he was swimming. When he threw the sack on board and called the fishermen out, an argument erupted, leading some men to point rifles at them when they got to the dock to pressure them to stop filming. Ultimately, the police urged them to leave the country. "They said, 'if you set foot in there, they'll stab you,'" Ramsay recalls.

But that doesn't mean Ramsay isn't in touch with his "softer side." For example:

3. He Believes in the Power of a Good Cry.
"I think crying is important," he told Fox News. "Not crying, not showing that emotion, bottling it up can lead to dangerous things." Ramsay has no problem with the contestants—who are often as young as 8 or 9 years old—on Masterchef Junior crying on the show, though he admits that it's hard to see them get upset over their mistakes.

Read more facts about Ramsay here.

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