10 Abandoned Places Found in Popular Video Games

We’ve seen plenty of abandoned places around the world, many of them beautiful but sad in their decay. The virtual world also has abandoned places. Even when the worlds of video games aren’t connected to each other, they share many features of the real world, including cool and creepy places for urban explorers to check out, like Markarth’s abandoned house in Skyrim. THere’s something very dark going on in there.

At a glance, the house is completely abandoned…. save for the food on of the tables and, moments later, the locked doors and the voice that commands you to kill your priest companion. You have no choice, and will find yourself following the voice, goading you deeper and deeper into the house which, as the priest suspected, was being used for the worship of Molag Bal.

Those with even a passing familiarity with the Elder Scrolls series will recognize the name of the Daedric Prince with titles like the Harvester of Souls, the Prince of Rage, and the God of Schemes. Ruler of Coldharbor, he’s the creator of the first vampire and continues to collect the souls of his victims, and spread misery, war and rage throughout the mortal realm. Head into the house in Markarth and follow the tunnels to the crypt beneath it, and you’ll be a part of his plans.

That’s just one of the ten abandoned places in video games that you can read about at Urban Ghosts. Article contains some game spoilers.

(Image credit: UESP)

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