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Americans Watch Anime For The First Time

It's hard to imagine anybody who grew up watching cartoons in the last thirty five years or so could have completely avoided watching any anime, but believe it or not poor anime deprived souls are out there.

They have no idea what their eyeballs have been missing by not being exposed to anime, but now thanks to BuzzFeedVideo they've seen the light...and a few of them might be scarred for life because they watched Attack On Titan.

(YouTube Link)

If you're an anime fan you might find this video exasperating, but thank your lucky stars you don't have to watch your favorite anime series with these vapid viewers!

-Via Dorkly

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The pink haired girl had some negative preconceptions about anime gender representations that were not undermined by the anime they showed her. She could have easily been exposed to films from the most famous Japanese animation director, Hayao Miyazaki, who often uses non-sexualized female protagonists. And unlike most Disney and U.S. animation (until very recently), he gave them goals that do not revolve around finding a perfect husband (e.g. Ponyo, Spirited Away, Mononoke, Totoro, Kiki's, Nausicaa). While there is lots of anime made for teen boys, there is also a lot of anime made for children, and made for girls, and made for families that do not objectify women.
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Why Attack on Titan? I dunno, doesn't feel like something for new anime viewers. I'd go with an anime movie instead of a TV series. More self-contained. And what are we aiming for, enticing them to join the otaku subculture with a gateway drug/anime? Or to shock them with cartoon violence and sex? If the former, I'd recommend a Ghibli flick, perhaps Kiki's Delivery Service or Whisper of the Heart. If the latter, Yoshiaki Kawajiri flicks have ample sex and violence, like Ninja Scroll or Wicked City.
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My go to for an anime that rates as high art is always "Grave of Fireflies". Anyone who can watch that movie and not cry their eyes out just isn't human.
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