Memo to Gene Roddenberry: Missing Star Trek Wigs

(Photo: UCLA Library Special Collections)

Rob Justman was a director and producer for the original Star Trek series when it aired from 1966-1969. In this memo to series creator Gene Roddenberry, Justman is perturbed about 6 wigs that went missing after the second season ended.

Four of them were made for William Shatner (Captain Kirk), one for Majel Barrett (Nurse Chapel), and one for Nichelle Nichols (Lieutenant Uhura).

(Image: CBS)

Justman's tone and phrasing indicate that he doesn't think these are just accidents. In this memo, which is located in the UCLA Library Special Collections, Justman is especially concerned about the disappearance of Shatner's hairpieces:

Bill Shatner borrowed all four of his hair pieces when we finished shooting. There are two new ones and two old ones. The new ones are worth approximately $200.00 apiece and the two old ones are worth approximately $100.00 apiece. Should “STAR TREK” go again next season, this no doubt means that we will have to construct new hair pieces again for Bill because he will have used both the old ones and the new ones to such an extent that they will not be photographable. This I guarantee, since it has happened to us before.

-via VA Viper

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Yeah, I knew their show had a cheap budget but they really scraped the bottom of the barrel with 'Gorn(?)' the green alligator monster with that awful plastic lizard head. And the episode with plastic flying pierogies. They were pretty bad, too.

But Lost In Space jumped the final (there were so many) shark with the Carrot Monster. I can't believe I even watched that show.
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The original series is legendary for their skimpy budget. That's what makes it so different from the later series and the movies. It took real imagination to make up for cardboard special effects.
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Shatner NO longer looks like he did in his Hey Days as 'KIRK the captain of the USS Enterprise!' He got fat and unfit and no longer represented what fans expected of their USS Enterprise Captain.
It sucks when you get old and are no longer the idols people hope and want you to be. Live your dreams. Let your life become what you need it to be. BUT UNDERSTAND THAT ALL OF US WILL BECOME OLD AND WILL DISMAY OTHERS. IT IS A HARD TRUTH BUT THERE IT IS...
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Obviously, these people have found a person or company who knows how to make decent wigs!!!! Why not just hire this person - or - company???
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