Unbelievable Urban Legends That Happen To Be True

Most urban legends begin with a true story, and as the story is then modified, reinterpreted and exaggerated the fantastic fictionalized "truth" starts to overshadow the dark truth at the heart of the tale.

The tale of a killer hiding out in the attic of a house for weeks before murdering the inhabitants sounds like a work of horror fiction, but this incident actually occurred on the Hinterkaifeck farm in Germany back in 1922.

While the tale of a murderer hiding out for weeks may sound far fetched the mere idea of someone dying as a result of receiving an atomic wedgie seems like pure schoolyard fantasy.

But once again the tale is true, only the poor boy was a 58-year-old man who received an atomic wedgie from his drunk stepson, and he was choked to death by the underwear's elastic waistband.

Read 9 Unbelievable Urban Legends (That Happen To Be True) at Cracked (Contains NSFW language)

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