Jon Snow White and Other Awesome 2015 Halloween Costumes

Since Halloween is on a Saturday this year, many people wore Halloween costumes to work, school, or parties yesterday. Lucky us! Some really good ones have already been posted on the internet. Like the pun costume Jon Snow White.

Redditor mankardo shared a picture of the Game of Thrones/Disney Princess mashup.

Another pun costume is Ash Wednesday. That’s Ash Ketchum from the Pokemon franchise mashed up with Wednesday Addams. Redditor kdanson introduced him to us.  

Everyone loves the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

SAFE_WORD_IS_OUCH and his buddies recreated almost the entire cast of characters from the film. The chain mail is not that heavy -it’s yarn, crocheted by Sir Galahad’s wife. The more you look at this picture, the more details you catch.

Redditor sodamn_insane is 6’ 6” tall. For Halloween, he decided to reveal his secret to his co-workers.
You recall King Jaffe Joffer from the 1988 movie Coming to America. It inspired the later casting of The Lion King. Redditor freethinker84 recreated the look well. In the comment thread, he handed out virtual Zamundan currency to other commenters.

While many people dress up as pop culture characters, some look a little closer to home. A redditor posted a picture of a little girl who dressed up as her own father for Halloween. Her age isn’t given, but she couldn’t be more than three or four. The resemblance is uncanny.  

Here’s another father and daughter, posted by a redditor from their workplace. They work together, the daughter is pregnant, and they dressed like each other for Halloween. Here’s what they look like without the costums.

(YouTube link)

And while we’re on fathers and daughters, Michael Tapson created his costume to accompany (and protect) his daughter. He also wrote and performed the music. (via Daily Picks and Flicks)

You can pull off a more subtle costume if you choose a character who you already look like. A perfect example is this Sunmaid Raisin maid, posted by her friend, redditor captainscoop

HazelnutSpread attended a corporate party as Patrick Bateman from the movie American Psycho.

Redditor stoosh5 went to work as Captain Picard. He works in IT. You get the idea that he facepalms at work every day.

Tumblr member feetlips took a slight resemblance and ran with it. She’s a Pom Wonderful bottle! Check out the rest of the pictures at her site: the backside of the dress has the nutritional information!

Why just recreate a movie monster? Everyone does that. Go one step beyond and be the poster! Will Perkins of Art of the Title made the movie poster for the 1982 film The Thing into a Halloween costume.

Redditor Majorxerocom won second place in a costume contest last night. He’s a zombee. And now you will have that Blind Melon song stuck in your head.  

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