17 Totally Over-The-Top Halloween Costumes

Last year we brought you some easy last minute costumes and this year we also had some ideas for simple DIY kid's costumes, but if you're looking for something a little more inspirational -even if it's only to awe at, we've got you covered there too.

Photo Strip

I'm willing to bet not many of you have seen someone pull off a costume like this. Brooklyn resident Serra used a lot of ingenuity to get this costume together, but the end effect was delightful and entirely unique.

Dragon Dog

This dragon dog is just about as epic as epic can get -he almost looks like he's ready to breathe fire.

Batman in the Batmobile

Wheelchairs often provide dedicated costume-makers with so much more to work with. Need proof? Just check out this amazing Batmobile that Connor's mother Karen made out of his wheel chair.

Hiccup and Toothless

For more proof of just how much a wheel chair can add to a costume, check out this amazing Toothless wheelchair created for little Hiccup by the non-profit Magic Wheelchair.

Cinderella in her Carriage

When a little one is of a certain age, sometimes you just don't want to take him or her trick or treating without a stroller -but it kind of ruins the effect of a Cinderella when you put your princess back in a modern-day stroller. That's why Danielle of La Port City, IA opted to turn her simple stroller into a magic coach fit for a princess.

Work Loader From Aliens

Similarly, if you're going to rock a baby Bjorn all night, you might as well make it count -and this brilliant costume by a friend of Redditor rdt156 has to be one of the most clever uses of a baby carrier ever.

Pinocchio & Gepetto

It's not every day you see a Pinocchio that's more alive than Gepetto, but how could anyone not love this brilliant costume by Costume Works user Arlene?

Titanic Victim

Rob Parisi's impressive frozen makeup paired with a period costume and a perfect life preserver emblazoned with the doomed ship's name make this a delightfully chilling costume.

Little Miss Muffet

It may be a popular nursery rhyme, but Little Miss Muffet isn't much of a scary story to those without a major case of arachnophobia. But when Miss Muffet is bitten and becomes a half-human, half-spider mutant, things get a lot more interesting as you can see in this makeup by Aryes Kelle.


Pixel the pug is bound to survive any upcoming zombie apocalypse. She's been training with a little guidance from her favorite Walking Dead character.

Little Monsters

Hey may not have been born when it came out, but that doesn't make this little dude's Maurice costume from the movie Little Monsters any less awesome.

Eliza Doolittle

If there's anything better than seeing someone wonder around in a My Fair Lady costume, it's when that person just happens to be an adorable little girl.


It takes a lot of dedication, time, effort and neck muscle to pull off a costume like this, but Rob Cockerham of Cockeyed was just the man for the job.


There are plenty of people rolling around in Dalek costumes these days, but not many of them actually expose the creatures inside. This  amazing costume is by Costume Works reader Michelle and we're in awe of her impressive handiwork.


This cool Doctor Who makeup by Katie Alves looks cool enough under the light, but with a black light, it looks truly over the top -something The Doctor himself would be in awe of.


Not many men would feel comfortable walking around with this much skin on display, but Redditor guimancreative is not most men and we thank him for it because this Krang costume is pretty much amazing -the interior Krang section even lights up!

Alien Control

It's one thing to say your mind is being controlled by an alien, it's another to say that an alien has commandeered your body for his own sinister purposes -which is precisely what this delightfully creepy mask seems to suggest.

 Have you seen any crazy costumes that made your jaw drop? Share your pictures and stories in the comments.

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