The Celebrity Selfie Parody Stylings Of Celeste Barber

There are a lot of celebrity selfies online these days, and a seemingly equal amount of celeb selfie parodies, and since the celebrities aren't likely to stop posting pictures of themselves we can only hope the parodies keep coming!

Those who are thinking about creating their own parodies had better bring the funny, because Australian comedian Celeste Barber has set the bar really high in the Instagram selfie world with her super silly selfie recreations.

Celeste is even willing to risk a self inflicted case of whiplash to entertain the interwebs, now that's what I call commitment to a bit!

In the end there would be no Celeste without celebrity self obsession, and channeling all that Hollywood ego is bound to go to your head.

See more of Celeste Barber's awe inspiring celebrity selfie parodies here

-Via Bored Panda

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And you could have saved yourself two minutes of research, and all this typing, by simply keeping your nitpicking to yourself. Be productive, don' t just go around looking for any little thing you can find wrong with our posts. There's nothing worse than a reader coming along and "correcting" us for no good reason, I write lots of articles and don't really need someone playing editor when it's not warranted. Some of the pics are selfies, some aren't, who cares? Nobody but you, Chay, nobody but you.
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So you're a nitpicker? And that makes it better somehow? You should really get a life and stop leaving pointless comments on blogs. I don't think anyone else had a problem with what I wrote, it seems like you just wanted to pick a fight. Selfies, portraits, pictures, who cares? It's a silly article about a funny comedian chick who redid celeb pics, and I guarantee all of hers were selfies, which is what I thought you were referring to with your comment. Please refrain from leaving comments on my posts in the future unless they're productive, nitpicking or singling out one thing I've written is not productive.
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So you think the (celeb?) woman in original photo in the sea at sunset flicking her head back so that the water and her hair perfectly frame the sun behind her actually set a timer on the beach and then ran into the sea to take the shot, and then did the same thing 10 times, until she got the shot right - or is it more likely that someone else took a load of photos from the beach? (making it a portrait not a self portrait)

Same goes for the gravel pit. The angle does not suggest that the celeb in that shot had set up her own tripod and self timer and then started rolling around in her underwear in a quarry. Just because selfie is the latest fad keyword doesn't make these selfies. (although there are some in the source story)

The celebs can probably find someone to help them take a photo.

Pretty basic stuff here Zeon. ;) yes I know I'm pedantic but hey this is the internet after all.
For what it's worth the recreation photos are funny (and may even be selfies, who knows).

My only observation was that it was quite funny to title an "article" as being about parodies of "celebrity selfies" and then illustrate it with photos that clearly weren't "selfies" by any stretch of the word.
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