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Let The Kittehs Rule Your World With These 30 Cat Themed T-Shirts

Ever since the internet took over our lives cats have risen through the ranks of petdom to become the ultimate animal superstars!

From grumpy faced curmudgeons to kittehs who prefer the company of boxes to humans, our feline friends totally rule our lives, and now you can show your dedication to them with a fun cat themed NeatoShop t-shirt!

Our love of cats began early on

Catacomb by ivejustquitsmoking

When we discovered that they're just like us in many ways


They get into violent disagreements with other cats

Reservoir Cats by APSketches

They fight for freedom wherever there's trouble

Captain Americat by linesXofXfury

They eat twice their body weight in one sitting then talk about going on a diet

Fat Cat by Io Vorro

And they understand that with great power comes great responsibility

GAME OF CATS by Fernando Sala

But they don't really care about responsibility, because cats are usually too busy being cool

YO by SmannaTales

Cats are so cool it's no wonder we're in love with them

A Mew Hope by Miski

Some of us even want to be just like them

Psycho Cat by Butcher Billy

But mostly it's the kittehs who want to be like us

Director's Cat by Delinquent

They see us as strong, able bodied adventurers

Cat-A-Log by Bohsky

Who can leave the house without totally freaking out

SisyPuss by Mark Heath

Cats wish they could cook like us

Sushi For Cats by Tobe Fonseca

And envy our ability to enjoy a soft drink


But the life of a kitteh isn't so bad

Soft Kitty by Cattoc_C

They get to play cat and mouse games all day

Unlucky Cat by Boggs Nicolas

Stalking their prey from the shadows

Cat Knows It All by Leena Cruz

Or playing hide and seek like a playful pussy

Play Cat by Elinakious

They get to go on grand adventures in their minds

New Wave Laser Cats: Meow Or Never by Gimetzco!

Dreaming of being big samurai heroes who eat nothing but pizza

Samurai Pizza Cats! by Skullpy

Or wishing they could help their humans take over the world

Say Hello by SteveOramA

But most cats are just too darn lazy to do anything but stare at us with disdain in their eyes

Disdainful Domestic by PolySciGuy

Or with a look of mind boggling derpiness

Stayin' Derp by Bohsky

Or totally blowing our minds with their kitteh madness

Abstract Cat by ClayGrahamArt

Because even though cats dream of being big, bad cougars

Hungry Pissed Off Freddy Cougar Cat With Hat by Mudge

Roaming the streets as a gang

Sons Of Catarchy by DiHA

And scaring the world with their toughness

Skulls Are For Pussies by Harebrained Designs

They're just a mixed up bunch of maniacs

What Color Is This Cat? by DeepFriedArt

Who we let into our homes, along with those crazy canines

Dogs Vs Cats by Adam Koford

They don't have to be heroes, because we like them just the way they are!

Cat Vs Cat(Fish) by Xiaobaosg

Keep the cats in your life content with your fealty, bring home some of these cat themed t-shirts from the NeatoShop and wear your allegiance on your chest!

Every NeatoShop sale supports the extremely talented indie artists from around the world who create the crazy designs cats crave, so make your geeky wardrobe even more purr-fect with a NeatoShop t-shirt today!

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