55 Cool Cosplays From the 2015 San Diego Comic Con

To me, Comic Con is a lot like Christmas. I look forward to it all year round, but then when it arrives, I know I'll end up spending way too much money and running around frantically trying to complete everything I need to do before it's too late. That being said, Zeon and I did find plenty of time to get lots of great pictures of the cosplayers at the convention and here are a few of the best ones we spotted this year.

Lydia may not be happy to see Beetlejuice -especially when she magically appears in her red wedding dress, but I was sure happy to see the two of them.

These two adorable Vault Dwellers, portrayed by Jessica Nasserian and Gina Glenn, were ready to explore the wastes and were even ready to bribe strangers with custom-made Nuka Cola caps.

Comic Con might just be a bit of a wasteland too -I even stumbled upon a Mister Gutsy and a lovely woman in a pre-war dress offering up Sugar Bombs.

Then again, I also ran into Guile handing out American flag temporary tattoos and reminding kids that "winners don't use drugs" -so who knows what era we were in.

I love watching Joker and Harley from afar, but I sure wouldn't want to go to a sock hop with these two -who knows what trouble they'll cause?

I'd be similarly terrified to run into these two at a ball -especially while Harley is carrying her mallet.

Of course, I'd rather see Joker at a ball than right after he escaped from prison with Bane.

These vintage beauties are as deadly as they are gorgeous. Harley, by the way, is portrayed by Ludella Hahn and Ivy is Minnie D'Moocha.

I admit, I (like most people on the internet) think the Suicide Squad film looks atrocious, but this most modern take on Harley at least looks cool visually.

Of course, Batman is always ready to stop their hijinks whether he's powered by steam, electricity or plain old petroleum. 

Bat family is ready and willing to take down any kind of evil.

I have to wonder who would win in a fight between Super family and Bat family though -when will they make that into a movie.

Of course, Mad Max family would win in any fight -if only because they're scrappy and dedicated.

There were a lot of amazing family costumes this year. From Jedis...

to Street Fighters.

There was even one all-female family filed with Tomb Raiders and Tributes.

And there was more than one family in this epic group of Master Chiefs. 

This family was all about Adventuring.

When it comes to all the epic family costumes out there, this one might just be my favorite of all time. 

Vigo better think twice about threatening the babies though, or he may have to face the wrath of Helena.

Even Cosima might actually support Helena's violent acts when it comes to protecting children.

This is the only Brave Little Toaster cosplay I've ever seen -and it was so good, it's probably the only one anyone ever needs to see.

This also might be the first time I've seen an Admiral Akbar costume. I was really excited, but I was afraid to show it because I couldn't shake the feeling that it was a trap.

As always, there were dozens of Leias running around, but I was particularly impressed with this great one by Loretta Vampz.

Then again, this little Leia was also irresistably adorable.

There were a fewer Slave Leias there this year, but there were a lot more clever slave mashups -like this cool Slave Elsa.

I adore the way this group portrayed Olaf.

Then again, there were also a lot of traditional Elsas and Annas -though these two might just have been the cutest there.

Then again, when it comes to cute costumes, it might be hard to beat these four tough guys.

This Hodor was pretty spot-on...

especially once you saw that he carried Bran with him.

These two Finns came prepared for pictures.

Anorak from Ready Player One was smart enough to come with a hands-free sign though.

One of the awesomist things about shooting cosplay at Comic Con is seeing people bond over their costumes. For example, Doc had never even met Biff and Marty until about a minute before this picture was taken.

Similarly, this Galactus and Silver Surfer didn't go to the con together -they just came together for pictures.

And these two Ricks (or at least Rick and Ghostbuster Rick of Geek Outlaw) stopped to chat with one another when they spotted each other's costume.

Meanwhile, Nux was leaving the con when she ran across Max and one of Joe's wives who were heading towards the madness.

It shouldn't be all too surprising that Mad Max was one of the most popular costume inspirations this year -after all, it was one of the most popular movies this summer.

And Furiosa is pretty much one of the toughest female heroines of all time.

Surprisingly, as popular as Jurassic World was, there weren't really that many people in costume from that film -though it does make sense when you consider how hard it is to make a good dinosaur costume. This team was pretty good though, sporting gear from Evike.com and the actors from a Jurassic World fan film by Spartan117GW.

Game of Throne is always a popular inspiration for costumes at cosplay, but this year, the big trend was going as the "Shame" nun.

As always, Daenerys and Starks were a common sight around the convention...

and there are always plenty of Cerceis (though not usually with Tintin)...

Ygritte, on the other hand, is a much rarer sight.

And this was the first time I've ever seen someone cosplay as Prince Oberyn Martell and Ellaria Sand.

Similarly, while Doctor Who is always a popular choice for cosplayers, I haven't seen many Osgoods before.

Nor have I seen many Missy costumes.

Then again, for all the Daleks I've run across, I still haven't encountered many Cybermen in the wild.

For all the Doctor and River costumes I've seen, it's still always a treat to see the two together.

And it's always fun to see a young girl Doctor.

And a Doctor operating another Doctor -that's simply magnificent.

As far as trends in costumes go, there were also tons of Minions, but only one purple evil Minion.

Most of the Minion cosstumes were at least pretty cute and clever like this one, so no two looked alike.

Can't get enough Comic Con cosplay pics? Then don't miss these Rule 63 (genderswap) costumes and these awesome mashup cosplays on Geek Native, our coverage of past years -2014, 2013, 2012, 2011 and 2010 and my coverage of the convention on Rue the Day, including over 160 costumes as well as the sexiest costumes spotted at this year's con.

Geeks Are Sexy has three photo galleries from Comic Con here, here, and here.

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