North Korea Used Riley The Stoned Birthday Dog Meme in Anti-American Propaganda

Image: Imgur

In the ever-strange world of North Korean propaganda continually inflicted on its citizens in order to keep their behavior in check, a popular American meme has recently been employed. Remember the "stoned" birthday canine? Riley, shown in the photo above that launched the meme approximately five years ago, was photographed by the mother of his human at a birthday celebration in Riley's honor. His adorable, squinty-eyed smile caused some on the internet to think he was a perfect representative of the marijuana smoking population. Chill. Smiling. Ready to eat. Meme lovers also ate up Riley's stoner message.

Recently, Riley's photo was snapped up by North Korea's state-run media KCTV to slam America for its income inequality. The photo supposedly illustrates a picture of American billionaires constantly having lap-of-luxury canine birthday parties. The YouTube video below is of North Korean talk show Today's World, which presented the narrative in this program footage.

YouTube Link

According the The Guardian, KCTV also inexplicably used a picture of Giant George, the world’s tallest dog in the same report. Perhaps they were implying that Giant George was fed too much hifalutin' fancy food and it make him gargantuan? 

Read more about this piece out of North Korea here. 

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