Father Forces Son To Smash Game Consoles As Punishment For Bad Grades

Every parent has a different notion about what is an acceptable level of punishment for their child's bad behavior, but for some those acceptable levels can be a bit extreme.

The father who shot this (barely NSFW) video gave his son three weeks to fix his failing grades or he would lose his gaming privileges the hard way- by being made to smash his gaming consoles with a sledgehammer.

(YouTube Link)

It’s hard to tell if the dad in this video took things way too far, or if his son actually deserved such an extreme form of punishment, without knowing all the facts, but one thing is certain- that poor kid’s gonna have a lot more time for homework without his consoles!

-Via Uproxx

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Assuming this is authentic, why film yourself doing this to your son?
So many things to consider:
Were the video games the cause of his distraction and bad grades, or just seen as a convenient punishment?
Was the son actually capable of turning around his grades in three weeks? Had he made any effort? Was he given access to the distracting games during that time?
Did the boy actually learn more of a lesson than if they had simply taken away and sold his games?
"If you don't do it, I will." Why did the boy feel so compelled? Is there a reason why the boy would be afraid of "forcing" his father to smash them himself? Is there an implied threat of further punishment if the boy doesn't do as instructed? That's the disturbing part to me.
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If Dad paid for those toys in the first place, son's got no leg to stand on. Dad might have gotten less back talk and needed to raise his voice less by having an alternative punishment available in case of such refusal. Maybe something like "If you don't smash them yourself, I'll invite MY friends to a console smashing party, and on top of that you are grounded for a month and get no allowance for a year."

Imagine being that kid's age and your Dad invites several of his adult friends over to smash your consoles with the sledgehammer! Either way, your consoles get smashed, and if the alternative is far more painful than smashing them yourself, you might keep your mouth shut and do it.
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