How to Be A Terrible Neighbor

We've all had bad neighbors before, whether they play music late at night, throw trash over your fence, have vicious dogs that won't stop barking or let their kids play outside during the daytime. Oh, what's that? You don't think there's anything wrong with a child playing in their own backyard?

Well tell that to the grumpy Arizona neighbor who left this note for his neighbors complaining that:

“Every day this week, when weather has been nice and windows are open, you proceed to let your small child run free in your backyard and laugh and giggle and carry on without end. This is very disruptive for my two dogs and my bird who sits next to the window. … Perhaps you could ask him to tone it down a bit, or at least limit his outside time to 15-20 minutes a day. If this behavior continues I WILL CALL THE POLICE"

The letter was shared online by a freind of the family and has quickly gone viral with many commenters chiming in on what they think the proper way to handle the situation would be. So Neatonauts, what do you think? How would you deal with a neighbor who left a note like this in your mailbox?

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First off, likely fake.

Secondly, if real, the neighbor will report the parent for child neglect or abuse. The note will be excellent evidence of the neighbor's bad intent and a restraining order will be easy to obtain. After that, all good options unfold.
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This week I have had a drunk teen miss the turn onto my street and plowed over a hydrant and into my house. I also had 9 cops searching my yard a few days later after a kid they were chasing threw his drug stash around in my yard (then one cop an hour later when he found that he lost a clip). So the sound of bullets and sirens and speeding cars and arguing adults and music that uses a curse word every few seconds are all way more annoying to me.

I'll take a happily screaming child in my neighbors yard any day.
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While this guy is clearly crazy (if not fake) I've seen more than my share of bad parents, who leave their kids outside unsupervised for hours on end, and SCREAMING at the top of their lungs while they play, often right next to their neighbors' (open) windows, for no good reason, going pretty late into the night.
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I want to have sympathy for you and other parents, but I don't have any to give for those that think they can be better and less restrictive then the parents they had at thar respective birth

today's other wise "innocent offspring" is tomorrow's thug 9.0
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