The Avengers As Mythological Chinese Immortals

There are Eight Immortals in Chinese mythology and while their stories are pretty darn fascinating, I can't help but want to hear some of the amazing myths about the eight Avenger immortals painted by Chinese Illustrator and Weibo user Xia-a

The choice of which Avenger fills the role of which Immortal isn't just random. For example, He Xiangu is Black Widow, which is appropriate because "He Xiangu is the only female among the Eight Immortals, as Black Widow is among the Avengers. She is often seen with lotus flowers.”

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There are whole teams that are female dominated like the suicide squad:

But it's like they're afraid of lead female characters on screen. I mean Marvel gave Agent Carter her own mini-series, but that's still not a full movie or series like they've dedicated to other characters. Black Widow still hasn't gotten her own movie and DC seems terrified to make a Wonder Woman show or film despite constant fan interest.

The weirdest part is that both companies go out of their way to hire a strong ratio of female comic book writers, but Hollywood won't do the same for movies and tv shows.

Personally, I think a Suicide Squad movie would be bad ass.
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Is it some sort of law that you only get to have ONE woman in any bunch of heroes? It's almost like the writers don't want to have to deal with females at all but they feel the pressure to have to include (at the most) one woman. sheesh! How about a 50-50 mix? Too much? Overload? Tough noogies! I'm tired of all this testosterone.
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