The Best of Steve Buscemi's Answers from His Recent Reddit AMA

Good ol' Steve Buscemi participated in a Reddit AMA recently to promote a documentary he's crowd funding and producing called Check It, about a gay and transgender gang in Washington, D.C. Buscemi's answers were as down-to-Earth and likeable as he seems to be. A sample:

Q. Best memories from Big Lebowski

A. "Anytime you're on a Coen brothers set, it's just the most fun and relaxed set.

I just loved doing those long takes with John Goodman and Jeff Bridges. And I love sitting between them, you know? There's that one scene where we're at the counter in the bowling alley, and I'm seated between them, and they're arguing - and I LOVED just being around those guys.

I was once in a hotel room, and through the wall, I could hear this loud voice on the phone.

And at first I thought Oh my god, I have this really loud neighbor. Maybe I should switch rooms! And then I recognized the voice, and it was John Goodman. So I actually heard him ordering room service, hahaha, loudly! And so when the room service tray came up, I popped my head out the door, and he was very surprised to see me. And he said "Forget room service! Let's go down and have dinner!"

And I just love being around him.

And of course, Jeff Bridges is one of the sweetest guys. He's a really great photographer. He would take pictures of us on-set. And he's been in like, all these great movies, and it was just fun to hear him tell us stories of what it was like to work with John Huston on the set of FAT CITY...

Jeff Bridges could bring about world peace."

Read more from a best of Buscemi's answers article here; link to full AMA on Reddit is here.

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