Crash Victim Films Himself Being Cut out of His Car with the Jaws of Life

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The Jaws of Life are hydraulic tools used by rescue workers to extract people trapped behind heavy objects. One common use is to cut people out of crashed, mangled cars. This machine can snip right through a car frame with enough pressure.

Andrew MacDonald of Victoria, British Columbia fell asleep while driving on January 11. He crashed, breaking several bones in the process, including a femur, both ankles and both kneecaps. While firefighters cut him out of his car, MacDonald turned on his phone and recorded the incident.

He's remarkably chipper, despite suffering grave injuries that would ultimately require major surgery and a month-long stay in the hospital. MacDonald expresses interest in the "hot nurses" that he anticipates meeting at the hospital.

Content warning: a bit of foul language.

-via Jalopnik

One of those I would have liked to have seen more hearts on. I dont recall having seen any other post-accident videos like this. It shows that its a lot more than just a car flip and youre on the roof. I imagined what it might have felt like to be him: the new kind of pain experience, the numbness in compressed limbs and possibly spine, the emotional rush of shock expressed by temporary deep ambivalence.

When I was in Drivers Ed, a cop came in and showed us photos of an accident involving two girls and a Bronco. He had the familys consent to show them and warned us to leave if we werent comfortable with morbid imagery. And boy, it was morbid. The Bronco had hit a steel light pole on the highway so hard, the front passenger door had wrapped around it - as it was moving head-on. One of the girls had been asleep. Both of them had their seatbelts on. The girl who was asleep was torn in two. She had spun through the air with so much force that her socks resting on the cab floor had knotted themselves around the end of her upper body, tying off the shirt. I saw the black and white photo of her body: her eyes were open. I will never forget that photo for as long as I will live. That class made me an awesome driver.
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