10 Fun Things You Can Do With Your Dog

Having a dog seems like a lot of fun when you're living a dogless life, but after a while all the stick fetching, leashed walking, rolling over and playing dead can start to feel mighty dull.

That's why it's important to find fun new activities that allow you and your dog to spend some quality time together without boring you both to death. Here are ten suggestions that'll help you spice up your dog lovin' lives:

1. Go Skydiving-

Skydiving is an activity on many people's bucket lists, but dogs would much rather keep their feet firmly planted on the ground. However if your dog is a daredevil at heart then it won't hurt to plan a tandem skydiving trip and take the plunge together!

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Dogs that bark in the face of danger seem to genuinely enjoy parachuting to the earth below with their owners

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Just make sure your dog can handle the experience before you jump, or you might end up with a face full of something far less pleasant than bugs!

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2. Have A Tea Party-

This is an oldie but goodie that kids of all ages will enjoy- place a tea set on a table along with some finger sandwiches and similarly dog-friendly treats and ask your pet nicely to sit.

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You may be surprised how patient your dog can be when the snacks start rolling in, and it's a great excuse to dress your dog up all funny fancy.

Kids will get a big kick out of sipping tea with their favorite pet pals, and the photo ops are priceless!

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3. Surfing-

When you spend every morning and afternoon catching waves at the beach your dog can get mighty lonely, so why not teach them how to hang paws with you?

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Your dog may take to surfing like a duck to water, but they might like it so much that you'll have to buy them their own board!

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4. Dancing-

Dogs are natural dancers, some breeds more graceful than others, but they are a bit bashful about kicking up their dewclaws and dancing to the beat. However, with a funky drum beat and some encouragement from their owners dogs will dance the night away.

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Of course, once you start dancing with a dog you may not want to go back to dancing with a human ever again!

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5. Ride A Jet Ski-

Riding on a jet ski satisfies a canine's need for speed and the wind in their face, so hitting the open sea with your dog is not only fun for them- it's therapeutic.

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If you take your furry friend out for a ride on your jet ski remember to suit them up in a life vest before leaving the docks, or the whole thing will become a hair-raising experience for them.

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6. Participate In An Adventure Racing Event-

Dogs are either so lazy they don't give a crap about what their owners have to say or they're ready and willing to follow their master's oprders to the bitter end.

Participating in a grueling Adventure Racing event is like taking an extended trip outdoors to a dog, and some dogs will join in on the "fun" whether you want them to or not!

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The dog in the picture above latched on to a group of Adventure Racers and refused to leave their side until the race was run, which earned him a forever home and a ribbon for finishing the race.

7. Let Your Dog Drive-

Dogs are poised to become the newest species sharing the road, so if you're feeling adventurous you could let them attend a doggy driving school and get out on the highway.

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On second thought, you'd better keep canine driving restricted to a closed off track, for the safety of all feline pedestrians and so their driving privileges don't go to their head!

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8. Attend A Renaissance Faire-

Some dogs like to party like it's 1599, and for those highbrow hounds attending a Renaissance Faire makes for a howling good time!

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There's lots of good food for them to eat right off the bone, fun period costumes to wear, and plenty of activities to keep even the most restless dogs occupied.

And if they start acting up you can strap 'em to a cart and make them earn their keep by hauling your booty around for you.

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9. Start Your Own Motorcycle Club-

Whether you have a bad dog or a good dog who wishes they were running with a pack of rebel mutts one thing's for certain- dogs love to ride motorcycles!

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The wind in their faces, the rumble of the engine below them, and some one-on-one time with their master as they hit the open road together make motorcycling a popular canine pastime.

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Motorcycle enthusiasts who like to bring their dog along for the ride attach some sort of carrier or seating to their bikes to make the ride more comfortable for their pooch passenger. Get enough doggone bikers together and you've got a canine friendly MC in the making!

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10. Throw A Dog Wedding-

When all other options are used up it's time for your dog to consider settling down and having a litter of puppies all their own, starting with a walk down the aisle with their beloved.

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Doggy weddings are all the rage for those who don't take life, or nuptials, too seriously, and it makes for some pricelessly precious photos!

(Is it just me or does this guy look a bit too old for his bride?!)

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So there ya have it- ten fun activities that are far more fun than playing fetch, guaranteed to keep your dog entertained until their next trip to the dog park.

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