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What I Would Do If I Were Batman

Chris Brennaman, like many people, has thought about how cool it would be to be Batman: Attractive millionaire by day, terrifying crime-fighting hero by night. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Except, I wouldn’t be awesome.

Not really. No one would be. If anyone were in fact Batman, that would mean we would have access to all the resources that make Batman, well, Batman. And having access to all that and opting to put on a cape and a cowl and patrol the cities at night in the most badass vehicles ever is probably the most irresponsible thing a person could do, especially if what that person wants to do is make real change.

What could the character do in the real world that would be more awesome than being Batman? A lot of stuff, if he weren’t so stuck in the rut of playing the hero and protecting his secret identity. Read about four major ways Bruce Wayne could be more effective than Batman at Forces of Geek.

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#1 and #3 seem overly optimistic about the ability of sheer cash to enact positive social change.

The best way to improve Gotham would be to leave. It's a rotten society. Gothamites would do better to, individually, move away from the city and start elsewhere where the social and political environment is less toxic. Bruce Wayne could set a personal example.
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First of all i would treat my insomnia and get some sleep, you wo't be good in anything without being well rested.
Second i would donate some money to make Arkam less easy to escape.
Rather call the police than celaning up myself, as Batman is extraordinary good in finding crimes in progress and crimescenes, but takes too long to clean up.
Fight corruption in Gotham police.
Finally i would sell adam west's "bat any shark spray" to surfers and maka a small fortune.
Get the Police some statistic based computers and programs to improve crime fighting.
By myself a very good video game in cases i still find myself bored at night.
Go soarging with the batcape 5.0 on a sunny day...
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