The 10 Most Extreme Substances On Earth

Remember in Aliens how the xenomorph's blood was acidic enough to burn through the ship? Yeah, well that's not even as bad as fluoroantimonic acid. If the aliens had fluoroantimonic acid in their blood -well, it would dissolve their whole bodies, but if it managed to stay in their bodies until they were shot, it would not only eat a whole through the thickest panels in the ship, but the potent vapors would also kill pretty much everyone on the ship.

While fluorantimonic acid is the most acidic substance on earth, it's only one of the ten crazy substances included in this TopTenz list of over-the-top insane substances. What's the most deadly poison? How about the most flammable substance? Or the most radioactive material? You'll have to find out at the link.

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It was an obvious and simple typo. They meant: 2 x 10^19

That said, the article is massively incorrect and utterly riddled with errors throughout. The comment section is nothing but corrections. Worst Top 10 list I've ever seen.
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WP specifically says it reacts with teflon... However: "Vessels made from steel, copper or nickel resist the attack of the material due to formation of a thin layer of insoluble metal fluoride" Also: "stable to 180 °C in quartz vessels".
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A PTFE plastic (e.g. Teflon), which resist a heck of a lot of chemicals, short of something like xenon diflouride, and even then XeF2 is still sometimes shipped in PTFE containers.
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"The 10 Most Extreme Substances On Earth"

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