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10 Strange Examples Of Celebrity Product Endorsement

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Celebrities demand big money for their likeness when they're busy starring in movies and TV shows, but when their celebrity star has burned out advertising offers tend to dry up.

Some celebs have integrity and won't sell out for a buck, and then there are those who don't much care what they're endorsing as long as their face is highly visible to their adoring public. Take a trip down the aisle of the famously fallen, where ten strange examples of celebrity endorsement await you.

1. Stallone High Protein Pudding-

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Okay, I'll admit this one made the list mostly because of its horrible name, and Stallone admittedly knows a thing or two about working out. But imagine Sly in his own voice, the voice of Rocky and Rambo, saying "I love me some high protein pudding!" *shudder*

2. Dwight Yoakam's frozen food products-

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Apparently chicken is big with country music celebs, and when Dwight Yoakam heard Kenny Rogers was opening his own chicken restaurant he didn't want to get left out of the poultry peddling game, so Dwight Yoakam's frozen food products were born.

There are Chicken Lickin's for those rough ridin' wranglers who like their poultry extra spicy, there are fries that come in regular chicken and pizza flavor, and the gross sounding Macaroni Mouth Poppers.

3. Steven Seagal Lightning Bolt Energy Drink-

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Steven Seagal used to be an active guy, who got toned for every movie he made, but since his career has fizzled he has let himself go. One of the catalysts behind his rapid weight gain might be these Lightning Bolt energy drinks he's peddling, which are most likely chock full of sugar and "energy giving nutrients", which make it twice as hard to lose the weight.

Never mind the reality behind Seagal's energy drinks, read these amazing Amazon reviews of the product and discover how it can help you live the dream!

4. Pro Athletes For Oreos-

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Professional athletes are supposed to represent the pinnacle of physical fitness, and they train year round to keep their bodies in perfect form, so they probably aren't scarfing down bags of Oreos on a daily basis.

So why did Apolo Ohno, Eli Manning, Shaq and Venus Williams agree to endorse the Triple Double Oreo, a double decker cookie that's twice as bad for you? Something tells me Nabisco has many green presidential friends who helped sway them...

5. Justin Bieber Perfume-

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He's tha J to tha Bieb, and he still doesn't look like he's gone through puberty, and yet he's been trying to up his sexy game by releasing a line of Justin Bieber perfumes, so girls will think of him every time they wear the scent.

In reality, the perfume will probably make them all break out in hives, which is closer to what it's really like to be around Bieber!

6. Hulk Hogan's Pastamania-

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Hulkamania once gripped the nation like a trembling fear of nuclear war and a warm case of the jitters caused by coffee all rolled into one incredibly loud, mostly male package.

Hulk Hogan set his -amania loose on an unwitting populace who couldn't get enough of the WWF superstar, and so the Hulkster decided to feed the people what they want and open his own restaurant.

It was called Hulk Hogan's Pastamania, billed as a "quick serve pasta restaurant", and this culinary oddity located in the Mall of America featured Hulk shaped pasta called Hulkaroni And Cheese!

7. Heidi Klum's Candy-

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When's the last time you heard a model going around talking about how much she loves candy? It's the kind of thing they say during interviews that sound like total BS, but in Heidi Klum's case her sweet tooth might actually be real.

Heidi has released her own line of candy called My Favorite Candies by Heidi Klum, which she bills as Fat Free, of course. Hey, you can't blame her for trying!

8. Ozzy Osbourne For I Can't Believe It's Not Butter-

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Ozzy has been rock and roll's Prince of Darkness ever since he and the seminal heavy metal band Black Sabbath first took the stage back in 1964, but it appears his career has gone someplace much simpler, lighter and fluffier since then.

Ozzy is now the spokesman for that fake butter in a tub I Can't Believe It's Not Butter, and he seems a lot happier at home slapping butter flavored food product on his toast. Give the guy some credit- it's gotta be really hard to go from biting the heads off of bats to biting in to a piece of toast in a commercial!

9. Snoop Dogg & Kate Upton for Hot Pockets-

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Snoop is an admitted stoner, which may explain his love of microwaveable Hot Pockets, but are we really to believe that Kate Upton likes to chow down on a ham and cheese pocket in a sleeve? And how on Earth did these two come together for such a bizarre ad campaign? (insert another stoner joke here)

10. Trump Steaks-

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Have you ever wondered what happens to contestants on Donald Trump's reality show The Apprentice after Don delivers his signature line "you're fired"?

They're sent to a processing plant where they're turned into Trump's new line of Trump Steaks, billed quite humbly as "The World's Greatest Steaks".

I'm kidding (or at least I hope I'm kidding) about where the Donald gets his meat, because he really gets it all from cows- really rich, really bored cows who live in a penthouse suite in the Trump Towers. Talk about your free range beef!

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Attributing their names and faces to such strange products isn't likely to get these celebs more on screen work anytime soon, but for some reason they just can't help but bite when a product comes along looking for a famous spokesperson for their label.

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