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How One Little Addition Can Change The Entire Meaning Of A Photo

Ever since Photoshop came to town photos have become much less believable overall, because anybody can now erase, shape, edit, airbrush, color correct, clone stamp, warp, filter, soften via blur and add to any and all photos whenever they want.

Addition via Photoshop can be a powerful tool, and one little addition is all it takes to entirely change the meaning of a photograph. 

1. Make 'Em Smile!-

Sharks already have a pretty toothy grin, but whether they're happy or not their smile looks like the stuff of nightmares. Thankfully Photoshop can help soften their image:

(Image Link)

With one little addition great white sharks go from Jaws to jokesters, always ready to make 'em laugh with a one-liner about porpoises:

(Image Link)

That old tooth addition trick works well with amphibians too:

(Image Link)

2. Add A Hand, Change The Movie-

According to the movie, Rocky had no love for the trash talkin' Clubber Lang, but imagine how different that trilogy could have been if Rocky fought opponents in the ring, then had to fight for their hearts after the bout.

All it takes is one hand to change Rocky III from a sports flick to a tender romance:

(Image Link)

3. There Will Be Blood-

When kids play in the mud it looks like a total disaster, but not the type of disaster where young lives are in danger. Enter your friendly neighborhood Photoshops and this messy, muddy playtime turns into a total bloodbath!:

(Image Link)

4. Keep It Clean-

Two guys goofing around, what could be dirty and depraved about that? Well, everything of course, but in this instance these two guys were just acting like goofballs for the camera.

Then somebody had to crop the pic, add captions and turn the whole thing into a completely different, and much dirtier, story:

(Image Link)

5. Epic Snow Cat-

Snow Cat already looks pretty epic, strutting his stuff all proud and fluffy:

(Image Link)

But why is Snow Cat so proud? Add some Photoshop awesomeness and the answer is revealed- because 'splosions:

(Image Link)

6. Ronald Demands A Recount!-

You head to McDonalds and buy a box of McNuggets, expecting to receive ten pieces as advertised on the box:

(Image Link)

And then the power of maths and Photoshops combine to show you how they count McNuggets in McDonaldLand:

(Image Link)

7. George W.'s Unhealthy Appetite-

Whether ya loved him or hated him, there's one thing you can say without a doubt about former President George W. Bush- he had a healthy appetite and wasn't afraid to show it:

(Image Link)

However, there were times when his unearthly hunger couldn't be satisfied by mere ears of corn- George needed protein, the younger and leaner the better!:

(Image Link)

8. The Sound Of Sports-

Baskeball players are very physical athletes who take the sport very seriously, perhaps a little too seriously at times:

(Image Link)

Maybe it would be good for the guys in the NBA to embrace their jazzy side and perform for their adoring public a different way- by playing some bebopping jazz tunes for the crowd:

(Image Link)

9. Thou Shalt Not Pass Sanrio...Without Popping In For A Sec-

Gandalf went from grey to white thanks to a nifty new invention called a washing machine, but even his bleached makeover couldn't bring him true happiness:

(Image Link)

Just imagine how different his life could have been if there was a Sanrio store in Middle Earth, he would have been one happy little Hobbit loving camper!:

(Image Link)

Now that you have witnessed Photoshop's magical power to alter an image's meaning you'll never be able to look at a photograph without thinking of ways to "fix" it digitally, and thus a hilarious new generation of altered images will arise!

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Could be! The brown tones in the young girl's face and hair were left untouched as well. Maybe they played around with the selection mask and manually deselected some of the unwanted pixels. Regardless, color me impressed.
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If it is done that way it's quite well done. Whoever made it discriminates so well between really close values of watery mud and muddy water, pushing one to red and leaving the other alone, that it makes me think they might have used a 3DLUT, which I think gives tighter control and fine discrimination powers, but is more of a digital video / film tool and not really well established in Photoshop yet.
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