Every Episode of Every Star Trek Series Ever, Ranked

If you’ve ever said you read Playboy for the articles, this would be the article to read. Jordan Hoffman took on the monumental task of ranking 695 Star Trek episodes -from The Original Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Enterprise, and The Animated Series. The introduction implies that he may not have done it alone.  

I've been a rabid fan of the franchise since childhood and I've got the wedgie scars to prove it. While still maintaining a semi-functional adult life I pen the One Trek Mind column at StarTrek.com and host panels at Star Trek conventions. So when I present you with this complete ranking of every single Star Trek episode ever, it's not like we just shot photon torpedoes at the wall.

The first thing you’ll want to do is skip to the last page and check out the top ten. Then you’ll want to skim over and see where your favorite episodes rank. Then you may want to argue about it. The list can come in handy as a guide in deciding what to show a Star Trek newbie so they get the best out of their initial experience. And it’s not just a list -for each episode there is a brief explanation of its ranking. If you’re a serious fan, you can kiss your day goodbye, unless you work somewhere where Playboy is blocked. The list starts here. -via Digg

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#6- Gorm? Gorm!? Seriously? Sorry, but no. That fake dinosaur/lizard head stuck on some poor nobody actor was almost as bad as 'Lost in Space's' Carrot monster. The poor visuals alone should have designated it to the back pile of the list.
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