Clips From Classic Movies Which Aren't Available On DVD

It’s hard to believe that there are still hundreds, if not thousands, of movies out there which have yet to make it onto DVD, or any digital format for that matter, when so many stinkers have already gotten their own disc release.

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Classic movies like the 1987 version of Tennessee William’s The Glass Menagerie, directed by Paul Newman and starring John Malkovich, the cult sci-fi comedy Nothing Lasts Forever starring Bill Murray and Dan Akroyd, and Poor Little Rich Girl starring Shirley Temple have yet to make their way onto DVD even though the format is now over twenty years old.

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The New York Post put together 64 Clips from Movies You Can’t Find On DVD, which contains a surprisingly high number of fun to watch classic flicks which will hopefully get a DVD release when fans realize what they've been missing all these years!

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It seems that most of them are available for purchase on DVD at RIGHT NOW. This is just the NYPost being dumb.

* "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer - 1938" is $20
* "The Glass Menagerie" WAS available last year, but now out-of-stock.
* Little Darlings (1980) is $28.
* ‘Fedora’ (1978) is $14.
* Looking for Mr. Goodbar (1978) is a rarity and going for $200
* ‘Movie Movie’ (1978) is $27

And that's good enough for me to dismiss the article as complete nonsense. Besides, they even mention several are available on Blu-ray or Amazon instant video download, which is just as good if not better than DVD, making this list pretty well completely pointless.
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What's so special about BluRay? In a poorly lit room, most people's eyes are so dilated that they can't focus well enough to tell the difference between DVD and BluRay.
That and the silly price premium. Why that hasn't died, I can't imagine - it's as if the producers don't really want you to buy them.

Anyway...back on topic...
There's also Disney's habit of refusing to sell you something you want to "keep it fresh for new generations". Yeah- so keep somehting off the shelves for ten years. That means if you just miss it when your child is six, they're about to learn to drive by the time you can buy it again.
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