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Ten Of The Funniest Video Game Mashup Shorts Ever Made

Video games are already pretty awesome, but what happens when they get mashed up with another video game or pop culture franchise? You get ten times the awesome in the form of a video that's super fun to watch and would probably be even more fun to play as an actual game!

Here are ten or so mighty funny video game mashup videos, some of which may contain NSFW language:

1. Pony Fortress- Teamwork is Magic-

What could make the kooky crew from the Team Fortress franchise even more fun? How about some cute little ponies courtesy of Sayer Raider's Pony Fortress 2- Teamwork is Magic!:

(YouTube Link)

2. Sonic For Hire-

Sonic is one of the most beloved characters in the video game world, but according to this hilarious series entitled Sonic For Hire by Lowbrow Studios he's also a bit of a slacker.

You'd think with all those golden rings he's always picking up in every world he visits he could afford to pay his rent, but I guess he's just not very good at saving his money:

(YouTube Link)

3. Chuck Norris Vs. Five Nights At Freddy's-

The murderous animatronic characters found in Five Nights At Freddy's scare the wits out of gamers, but they're no match for the Chuck Norris!

This great mashup vid was created by Dane Boe, a guy who probably didn't even jump when one of Freddy's friends popped out of the dark at him, because he had the power of Chuck Norris on his side:

(YouTube Link)


What do you get when you cross the blockheadedness of Minecraft with a gritty tale about a private dick and his crime solving days in New Block City? You get MINESHAFT!!!, one hilariously square mashup by Steelehouse Digital:

(YouTube Link)

5. The Strangerhood-

The Strangerhood is a hilarious parody of sitcoms, reality shows and other television fare, created by Rooster Teeth using the Sims 2, which means it's even more real than most reality shows!:

(YouTube Link)

6. Contra Vs. Duck Hunt-

When you're sitting at home plinking away at those virtual ducks with that bright orange NES Zapper gun it feels like a miracle when you hit anything at all, but call in the supercommandos from Contra and watch those pixelated feathers fly! Here's another hilarious vid by Dane Boe:

(YouTube Link)

7. The Leet World-

The Leet World is Counter Strike meets MTV's The Real World, and it's downright ridiculous! Existential crises, men in full combat gear sharing observations on life, and opposing forces forced to live in the same house...sounds like the makings of a hit reality show to me!:

(YouTube Link)

8. Grand Theft Mario-

All it takes is a goofy costume and some old school sound effects and the world of GTA feels a little more like the Mushroom Kingdom, thanks to this ridiculous short by TJ Barry of Euphorian Films:

(YouTube Link)

9. MMOvie-

If World Of Warcraft is all some gamers need to satisfy their gaming urges, then why not make WoW into every movie ever as well, to satisfy two different pop culture appetites at once? Voig and Full Stealth Films teamed up to create this fun-tastic trailer for the series:

(YouTube Link)

And if you liked the trailer here's the first episode, which continues the tradition of making MMO fans say "wow":

(YouTube Link)

10. The Idiots Of Garry's Mods 2-

This is one hilarious, and diverse, machinima mashup video by ICTON featuring some seriously funny moments, but this mega mashup weighs in at a hefty twenty two minutes long so it's best enjoyed a little bit at a time:

(YouTube Link)

And if you're able to handle the madness of part 2 then you've gotta check out The Idiot's Of Gary's Mods 1.5, a newly enhanced version of the idiotic video that started it all!

(YouTube Link)

We hope you've enjoyed these gamer-iffic shorts, and hope you'll remember that there's more to life than video games- like machinima videos and video game themed animated shorts!

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