5 Scariest Haunted Toys

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I believe it was Poltergeist that triggered my fear of toys in me, and I have carried it with me since I was a child. Something about a little, lifeless, object we play with that could come to life at any point is scary (and implausible, and silly, but go with it for a second because it is almost Halloween). 

The scariest part is, as you will from this list, there have been cases throughout history when toys have allegedly been possessed or haunted. With haunted dolls becoming so "in" again (wait, where they ever "in?"), seems a perfect time to drop this list on you of 5 toys that were said to be haunted. Now I know as much as the next guy that the likelihood of any of these stories being true is slim-to-none (a haunted N.E.S? Come on), like I said, it's Halloween. Just let go with it and have some fun for a moment. Oh, and if you are interested, I have a haunted Frisbee I am selling. 

Freaking thing just goes wherever it wants. Must be demons, right? Five bucks or best offer. Hit me up here, we can make it happen.

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