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20 Fun And Creative Halloween Costume Ideas For Families

Dressing up and going trick-or-treating with your kids is a big part of Halloween for most parents, and even if the little one isn't old enough to walk around town on their own it's still great fun to dress them up

Here's a collection of parent and child, or entire family, costume ideas to inspire and delight:

1. Cereal Mascot-

Carrying a baby around on your chest is never more fashionable than on Halloween night, when you can turn that little tot into a ferocious cereal mascot!

(Image Link)

2. Duck Dynasty-

If you're dying to wear a fake beard with your costume then you might want to go as the cast of Duck Dynasty, complete with a little waddling duck! Or maybe it would be more fun to put a beard on your little one...

(Image Link)

3. The Wizard of Oz-

Neil Patrick Harris and his adorable familly show us how to do Halloween in style with their amazing Wizard of Oz themed costumes.

(Image Link)

4. Shark Attack!-

Are your little ones total terrors? Show the world what a day in the life of your fam looks like with this adorable Shark Attack costume set, and scare up some smiles!

(Image Link)

5. A Christmas Story-

A Christmas Story is another great movie to use as inspiration for a family set of costumes, and you can easily swap roles so everybody's happy!

(Image Link)

6. King Kong and Skyscraper-

This one is similar to the cereal mascot costume, and also easy to rework in lots of fun ways. Maybe your baby is more of a Godzilla?

(Image Link)

7. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory-

What kid doesn't dream of visiting Willy Wonka's chocolate factory? Now you can make their dreams come true in a really stylish way, and they can actually have fun dressing up with their parents!

(Image Link)

8. Chef and Baby Lobster-

This is a great costume set for foodies, and your cute cuisine is sure to be the talk of the town!

(Image Link)

9. Beetlejuice-

If your kids can handle watching Tim Burton's classic dark comedy Beetlejuice then maybe they're ready to scare up some fun with this quartet of costumes.

(Image Link)

10. Zombie Hunter with pet zombie-

Fans of the Walking Dead will love this horrifyingly good idea for a costume- little zombie slayer and her pet walker. But be forewarned- your kid might not want to let you off the leash without a fight!

(Image Link)

11. Pokemon Trainer and Pikachu-

When you gotta catch 'em all you might as well catch the cutest one in the bunch! Maybe your little one is more of a Squirtle?

(Image Link)

12. Where The Wild Things Are-

Halloween can be a really wild romp when you dress your kid up as Max and let your beastly side shine through.

(Image Link)

13. Rock N Roll-

Your little bundle of joy will have an axe to grind if you dress them up as a cute little guitar, but when they get older they'll appreciate being part of a rockin' family band!

(Image Link)

14. Labyrinth cast-

Labyrinth is one magical movie, and the variety of characters make for a great set of family costumes:

(Image Link)

And if you've got some serious costume fabrication skills you can include Ludo in your family's Labyrinth costume

(Image Link)

15. Adventure Time-

Adventure Time is all the rage with kids of all ages these days, so dressing up like characters from the show is sure to make you a smash hit on the sidewalk this Halloween!

(Image Link)

16. Despicable Me-

Your little minions will love helping you pull off the greatest heist in Halloween history- filling up the trick-or-treat bags in no time thanks to your family's fabulous Despicable Me themed costumes!

(Image Link)

17. Ghostbusters-

If there's something strange in your spare bedroom it's probably just an adorable little Stay Puft marshmallow kid, ready to share their sweetness with the rest of the Halloweenies!

(Image Link)

18. Snow White Prince and Dwarf-

Every kid loves Snow White, but if you decide to dress up as the cast of the classic animated film you may end up battling with your daughter over who gets to be Snow White! Better dress up like the cast when your kid's too little to argue!

(Image Link)

Or if you're looking for something more elaborate with your older kids here's a great idea with the parents playing the villains

(Image Link)

19. The Flintstones-

Flintstones themed costumes are fun and easy to put together, and if another family joins you they can come as the Rubbles, because what's baby Pebbles without her buff beau Bam-Bam?!

(Image Link)

20. Batman and Bane-

Last but not least we have the most heroic costume combo of them all- Daddy Bane battling a mighty tiny Bat-baby! Superhero-villain combos make for great family costumes, or you can start your own Justice League family and trick-or-treat with power!

(Image Link)

Hopefully this collection of family costumes will inspire you to get in on the Halloween night fun, it's never too early to teach your kids how to have a great time enjoying the spookiest night of the year!

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