Get In To The Spirit Of The Season With These 30 Halloween Themed T-Shirts

Halloween will soon be upon us, and the ghosts and ghouls are becoming restless, preparing to haunt the living and scare up some screams.

That means it's the perfect time to gear up with some ghoulishly good NeatoShop t-shirts, so you can show the world how much you love Halloween!

Everybody is preparing to dress up like their favorite frightful figures, so they can blend in with the creepy crowd:

TREE'S COMPANY by Jason Parish

Even those who normally look a bit scary like to dress up and score some extra fright points:

Boo! by Kgullholmen

A mask is a crucial part of many scary costumes:

Tools of the Trade by Chip Skelton

But if you're going to go out and paint the town red you're going to want a great costume too:

King of the Horror by Ninjaink

And be sure to dress up your furry little friends if they're going out trick-or-treating with you!:

Howloween by Captain Sunshine

Once you're all dressed up you should grab some friends and hit the road:

Universal Road by Chip Skelton

But beware of the creeps and creatures you'll see around town:


Some more obnoxious than others:

Hipster Z by SilverBaX

Getting stuck at the bus stop with some of these freaks can really stink:

My Evil Neighbor by Letter-Q Artwork

But if you want to make it through town unscathed just wear a show of support on your chest:

I Heart Zombies by SilverBaX

Some folks stroll around town on Halloween night, looking to send a chill down our spines:

Jack's Revenge by Thomas Orrow

Others are just looking for a quick bite to eat:

I Suck by Diablo Productions

But whatever you do, don't stand between trick-or-treaters and their candy:

Mini Evil by Chip Skelton

Halloween is a bad night to be a nice person, so try to refrain from helping little old ladies across the street:

Hell's Grannies by Gimetzco!

And make sure you stay on well lit roads, or you might end up losing your head:

King of the Hollow by Mephias

Town too scary for you? Maybe you should just stay in with a good book:

Forbidden Books Can Be Fun! by Anna Maria Jung

Or maybe some disgustingly good music will get you in the spooky spirit:

LET IT FEED! by Mike Pacheco

Or perhaps you and your fam will be carving up some jack-o-lanterns:

The Little Carver by TinBot

Maybe telling scary stories around a campfire is more your speed:

The Crypt Presents Twilight Mysteries by Ninjaink

Chances are you'll be watching TV if you're spending Halloween night indoors, perhaps your favorite (blood) sport?

Woodbury Walkers Baseball Club by Mudge

Maybe you'll be tuning in to a show that both disgusts and delights:

Draw me a clock, Will by ArryDesign

But if the kids are around you'll probably want to tune in to something "kid friendly":

Bat Draco by MELONSETA

Maybe you can introduce them to the classics:

The Monster by Marinasinger Designs

Or the bride of the classic, which is still a classic:

Bride of Frank by ArtofCoreyCourts

Perhaps you prefer bloodsuckers to lumbering flesh golems:

Lugosi's Dracula by Lafar

Or how about watching a new classic the whole family can enjoy?:

All Hallow's Eve by MelissaSmith

As soon as the kids go to bed it's time to watch some far more terrifying fare:

Delightful Rewards by LadyTank Studios

And there's nothing like a creepy comedy classic to get you in the spirit of the season:

The Marshmallow Terror by Manny Peters Art + Design

Mashups are all the rage these days, maybe a good horror movie mashup is just the thing to bring horror fans together in your house:

Brothers of Horror by ArtOfCoreyCourts

Because in the end isn't Halloween all about the scares? Oh yeah, and the candy!


We hope you've enjoyed this tour of Halloween themed t-shirts for sale here at the Neatoshop, with sales supporting independent artists from around the world.

Take your eyeballs on a shopping trip and see if you can't scare up a shirt or two to add to your horrifyingly geeky collection!

Love Halloween and cosplay? Check out our Halloween Blog!

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