11 Guardians Of The Galaxy Inspired DIY Projects

Guardians of the Galaxy is the action packed Marvel movie that was so nice many fans saw it twice, and like any popular genre flick it has inspired lots of love from creative folks all over the net.

There’s a lot to love about the film, especially in terms of visual appeal, so it’s no wonder artists from all over the world have gone crazy creating their own Guardians inspired works.

Here’s a selection of Guardians of the Galaxy inspired crafts, many of which you can make for yourself

1. Groot Cookies-

The adorable yet vocally monosyllabic tree creature known as Groot is one of the fan favorites, alongside his furry buddy Rocket Raccoon, so it makes sense that more than half the items on this list are inspired by Groot.

These adorable and easy to make Groot cookies let you share your love of Guardians with your guests in a most delicious way!

Tutorial Link

2. Groot Churros-

If you’re looking for a snack that’s a little more original then you might want to whip up a batch of delicious and adorable Groot churros, which look even more Groot-like than the cookies!

Tutorial Link

3. Dancing Groot Cupcakes-

If you’re ready to go all out on a dessert that’s sure to please your guests then you’re gonna love these Dancing Baby Groot Cupcakes- a cute Groot cookie on top of a cupcake flower pot, every bit as cute as they are delicious!

Tutorial Link

4. Awesome Mix Tape Cake-

Maybe you don’t find Groot all that appetizing, and you’re looking for a centerpiece that shows your love of Guardians in a deliciously good looking way.

What you need is a good old fashioned Awesome Mix Tape cake, to show your guests that you're hooked on a feeling!

Tutorial Link

But what if you’re looking to make something that lasts, something you display proudly and show off to your friends and family? These next few crafts are for you, starting with...

5. Dancing Baby Groot statue-

It’s got all the cuteness of the original without all that watering and leaves to rake up! And the clever use of a real flower pot makes this one Guardians inspire craft you'll be proud to display.

Tutorial Link

6. Potted Baby Groot crochet-

But if clay’s not your thing you might want to try your hand at making a crochet Dancing Baby Groot, he can actually dance without snapping in half!

Tutorial Link

7. Guardians of the Galaxy Perler Bead pixel art-

If sculpting isn’t your thing, and you don’t know how to crochet, but you’re looking for a fun and easy craft project you can do with the whole family then you can't beat perler bead pixel art.

It’s fun and easy for the whole family, and with the right supplies and some handy templates you'll be creating your favorite characters from Guardians in no time!

Tutorial Link/Patterns Star-Lord Groot Rocket Raccoon

8. Guardians of the Galaxy Dress-

This mighty fashionable Instructable teaches you how to convert a boring old black dress into an intergalactic dress that makes you look like a total star!

Tutorial Link

9. Star Lord Helmet-

Every Star Lord costume begins with this amazing looking helmet, and although this is one of the hardest tutorials in the bunch the end results are well worth all the hard work.

Make one for yourself and you'll really knock the socks off your friends and family this Halloween.

Tutorial Link

10. Galaxy of the Guardians Blaster Pistol-

What Star Lord costume would be complete without his iconic blaster pistols?

This is also a pretty difficult tutorial, but if you've got the helmet you might as well make a blaster pistol to go with your far out getup, right?

Tutorial Link

11. Groot Costume-

Believe it or not, this amazing looking Groot costume can be created with only moderate crafting skills for less than $100. Now you can bring your dreams of being Groot to life, just in time for Halloween!

Tutorial Link/step-by-step photos

Now get out there and make some cool stuff, Guardians of the Galaxy fans, and show the world how crafty you really are!

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