A Magic: the Gathering Wedding Proposal

Lindsey Loree had more on her mind than a fun game of Magic: the Gathering when she interrupted her boyfriend Eric's Lego fun to ask him to play the game with her. Her request didn't seem to Eric to be anything out of the ordinary, as he had been teaching her to play for six months. But what happened during their game was nothing ordinary. As Eric told the story (his account is here and her account is here), 

"We’re in the middle of the game and both hovering around ten life. She’s looking awfully giddy and I’m thinking she’s got some power card that’ll spell doom for me. So I play Time Spiral. She was not happy. We reset and on her turn she smiled and threw a card on the table. What I felt next was confusion. What was that card? Five white for a sorcery and the picture was some dude kissing a girl? There’s no card like that. Well, there is now."

What Lindsey handed him was the card below, asking Eric to marry her. 

Quite a game changer! He goes on with his story,

"Of course I said yes. I made a joking fuss about how her cards were sleeved and mine weren’t and how it’d be really hard to shuffle them. Then she gave me a ring pop, to make it official.

Now, there was a little cheating on her part. I Time Spiraled the card back into her library and while I was shuffling she dropped it in her lap to make sure it was in her next hand. But I suppose that can be forgiven given the circumstances."

Way to be flexible with the rules when necessary! Congratulations to the happy couple. -Via Geekologie.

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