DC Comics Heroes And Villains Get The Norman Rockwell Treatment

Most of Norman Rockwell's paintings are considered lighthearted and fun, rendered with an incredible degree of realism that really sets the scene in each of his artworks.

Nowadays, artists apply the Rockwell name to any artwork rendered in a similar style, or with similar character staging, even if there's nothing Norman about the piece.

The digital paintings of OnlyMilo (Ruiz Burgos) deserve to be compared to Rockwell's works, and his realistic treatments of DC Comics heroes and villains make you feel like you’re on the scene, watching something spectacular happen right before your eyes.

Warning- Fall is in the air, and it has wreaked havoc on Poison Ivy's wardrobe, so if illustrated bums offend you then don't click on the links! You've been warned, cheeky monkey...

-Via GeekTyrant

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Those are not really realistic renderings, and the background red ring and Saturday Evening Post are digitally added, which you can tell because they share the exact same paper rumples. As a matter of fact, if those elements were not digitally added, the artwork would have no resemblance at all to the magazine publications and would be very unlikely to have been recognized on its own merits. I think my biggest issue with stuff like this is the attention received just by adding some sort of gimmick.
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Well I guess we'll just agree to disagree Michael. To me the staging of the characters (how they're posed, and the environment around the characters), the realistic renderings, and the lively feel of each captured moment simply screams Rockwell to me.

It's not like I'm saying the artist is the next Norman Rockwell, it's simply a bit of fan art created with a nod to Rockwell's style, a more interesting take on comic art.
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Ok- putting a circle around a super hero painting and writing "Saturday Evening Post" above it does not a Rockwell make. Norman Rockwell was an exceptional artist with a distinct style and talent for capturing moments that caught people's minds and hearts. The important parts of these paintings look nothing like Rockwell.
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