Strange, Little Known Facts About the Original Star Trek

A new article at io9 reveals some interesting stories from These Are the Voyages. According to its promotional copy, this hardcover book is a collection of memories "from actors, directors, producers, and production crew, capturing what went on from every perspective, including memos dictated by Roddenberry while reading drafts of the series scripts." It sounds like a fascinating read which, io9 reports, details a surprisingly high number of conflicts surrounding the scriptwriting, filming and everything in between.
Here's an amusing bit of trivia: Gene Rodenberry's vision of the future included men who had no chest hair. Thus, William Shatner was required to be shaved by a studio barber prior to any scenes in which he had to show his naked chest. According to These Are the Voyages, Roddenberry hoped that the men of the future would have "little or no body hair." Quite the visionary. 

Read nine more facts about the original Star Trek here. 


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I was actually reading this in These Are the Voyages just the other day. We had just showed The Corbomite Maneuver to the kids, and Roddenberry's hairless men were described in that part of the book. As you say, what a visionary -- women on the bridge, a multiethnic society, and of course, dudes with no chest hair.

But not miniskirts -- apparently they were Grace Lee Whitney's idea.
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"Strange, Little Known Facts About the Original Star Trek"

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