8 videos of Dogs Doing Un-Dog Like Things

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Last week, I wrote a piece about cats doing un-cat like things, and it just felt natural to follow that up with a dog version of the list. The kicker is, with dogs, it is completely different. If a cat is barking like a dog, it is doing that under its own direction. In most cases, when a dog is doing something un-dog like, they are trained to do so. You see a dog dancing Salsa (quite well, I might add), that dog did not just get up one day and teach itself how to Salsa. No, that dog was trained how to Salsa. Cats just do strange stuff to do it (or because they are aliens slowly assimilating our planet, as I have stated before), whereas dogs do strange stuff because we insist they do, and we reward them for it. The dog dancing the Salsa knows, at the end of this, he gets a treat. The cat barking like a dog has no incentive. So as much as they may seem like similar lists, you will see that could not be further from the truth. That disclaimer out of the way, there are SOME dogs on this list who seem to be doing insane or awesome things of their own accord, but for the most part, it is trained and learned behavior. That makes it no less remarkable and no less watchable, thankfully.

1. Dog Dances Salsa

(YouTube Link)

You cannot write about a dog dancing Salsa in the intro of a list and then hold that back. That is just not fair to the readers. Also, like stated in the intro, this is obviously an incredibly well-trained dog. But let it be known that you could try to teach me this same routine, and I am pretty sure I would mess it up about six times. So don't undermine how awesome it is just because the dog was trained to do it. Pretty sure I know a good chunk of humans who could not be trained to do that.

Also, it is a dog dancing Salsa. If your day is not immediately better, you must be on fire or being chased by bears.

2. Dog With Awful Poker Face

(YouTube Link)

Okay, so this dog is clearly not trained to do this. Pretty sure the dog is just busted, and is having trouble concealing its guilt over the course of the interrogation. At first, you cannot tell if it is guilt or pride, as the second dog being confronted looks uncomfortable, yet still tries to throw off its owner with a tail wag.

We see as the interrogation continues, the dog seems less and less able to hide the fact that it ate the cat treats. Say what you want about this dog, but his inability to lie just makes me like him more.

3. Husky Is Not Feeling the Kennel Idea

(YouTube Link)

We all know that feeling in one form or another. Something is expected of us, and we just don't want to do it. The normal response is to sigh and then just do it, whatever it may be. Blaze the Husky is not so keen on going into the his Kennel, so what does he do? Well, he whines. Much in the same way a child would.

Truth is, it is that trait that makes dogs impossible not to love. They just don't b.s. If they don't feel like doing something, they will let you know. Even if it does make them sound like a whining child.

4. Mishka the Dog Speaks Better Than Some Humans

(YouTube Link)

Many of us have heard dog impressions of the words "I love you", which end up sounding more like RI RUV ROO. It is cute, but we have all seen it by now. What gets me about Mishka the dog is, it says a handful of things. Though some of them are cleary the owners telling us we are hearing things, a few of them really stand out. Like Obama, for example.

Yes. For some inexplicable reason, this dog can say Obama. Now can it just teach me how to maneuver the ObamaCare website? (Thank you, I'll be here all week, folks).

5. The Dog That Tucks Itself In

(YouTube Link)

I suppose of many of the dog behaviors on the list so far, this one is the most natural. The dog has to go into its cage for the night (which makes me sad, but has to be done in some cases), but on the way in, it stops for a second and snags the blanket that is covering its cage. It then continues to go into the cage in such a manner that the blanket wraps around the dog completely as it lies down.

It is super cute, and seems super effective and making the dog feel comfortable, too. Yes, I just used "super effective" as a nerd Pokemon reference. I hope that was not lost on you.

6. Dog Opens Fridge, Gets Beer for Owner, and Closes Door

(YouTube Link)

The above trick is exactly why you see men having dogs as pets more often than you see men having cats. It is not because they just love dogs more. It is because they can't teach a cat to get them a beer, and God knows no woman will put up with that. Dogs earned the title of "Man's Best Friend" for a reason.

Many people think the above video is that exact reason.

7. Dog Saves Baby's Life

(YouTube Link)

First of all, dogs are widely known to save human's lives when said humans are in harm's way. That is an amazing trait that seems inherent in many dogs. That act alone is not what lands this dog on the list. It is the way you see it save the baby. The dog clearly can tell something is wrong before the parents do, so what does it do?

It literally runs in front of the baby and sits itself down in between the baby and the ocean, therefore preventing the baby from getting pulled in by the water. From that moment, the parents react. Please note, this video could also go on a "parents clearly being idiots" list. But that dog, huh? Amazing.

8. Dog "Guards" Owner's Bike and Then Rides Off into Sunset

(YouTube Link)

When you think of a guard dog or a dog guarding a bike, you imagine a dog sitting next to it, growling or something. In this case, though, we have a very particular bike guarding going on by this dog. It just simply stands up and places its paws on the bike seat, as if to say "mine". People are obviously seeing this and walking by, smiling.

Then, when the owner shows up, the dog pops up on the bike and they drive off into the sunset together. Now that is how you guard a bike (and that is how you end a list).

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