Pepper the Robot To Be Taking Over America (Literally) Next Year

Image Via CNN

We knew it was going to happen.  The Robopocalypse. Our inevitable downfall at the hands of the machines WE build. We also figured it would be sometimes in the 2000's (because that just makes it feel even more dystopian), but the above robot you see, named Pepper, will be available for purchase in the U.S starting next year. That means, if science fiction is right, as well as my own shoddy calculations, this gives us three years until the streets are filled with self-aware Pepper's, taking out humans left-and-right.

Okay, okay, present fears aside, I guess Pepper the robot is actually pretty cool. Created by Masayoshi Son and SoftBank. These robots will dance, makes jokes, and do its best to guesstimate human emotion based on the expression it "reads" the wearer making. 

All I can say is I hope it learns the face of abject fear and knows that is a good time to stop dancing. The end is nigh, people, and it looks like a pretty cute robot.

Reminds me of this one, though. No thanks. No Peppers for me.


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"Pepper the Robot To Be Taking Over America (Literally) Next Year"

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