The Reality Behind The Beats By Dre Headphones

I don't know if you know, but those super expensive Beats by Dre headphones that you see everyone wearing? Well, um, they are not so great. You know what they are great at? Trying to point out to people you have no problem shelling out two hundred dollars or more for headphones that offer the same quality as ten dollar headphones, just so you can get the social status that goes along with donning a pair of them. Well, never before have I heard the whole "Beats by Dre" thing explained as perfectly as it is explained here. Please send this video to your friends who wear these things everywhere they go like some sort of crown. It will bring them back to reality a bit.

(YouTube Link)

The creator of this piece, Marques Brownlee has a bunch of stuff on his YouTube page worth checking out. But mainly, revel in the fact that this dude had the stones to come out and say what so many people have been thinking about these Beat by Dre headphones for years now. I see people wearing them to the grocery store and want to slap them off their heads. This proves the majority would clap if I did (but I wont).


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When I was a radio announcer, I bought a pair of Sennheiser headphones for $250. They were extremely lightweight and I carried them in a box. Coworkers laughed at me, because headphones were standard station equipment. But "standard station equipment" got thrown a lot by hotheads, so they rarely worked well. Mine held up for twenty years (with a couple of repairs) and sounded AWESOME.

That said, I could never justify spending so much on headphones outside of professional need even today. And even then, I'd want to try them out first.
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My daughter was so excited to receive a pair for Christmas (from her uncle, not us). And then she tried them and was absolutely heartbroken. She asked me to check if there was something wrong with them... nope, sorry sweetheart. Just crappy headphones.
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